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what to know when buying a first car

What to know when buying your first car

What to know when buying your first carWe have posted multiple articles about cars such as how to wash your car , how to fix your car, how to clean your car dashboard, I have realized the most important step is how to buy your first car without any trouble like overpricing, malfunctioning, etc.After you learn […]

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How to clean your car dashboard

Why you should clean your car dashboard?

​Why you should clean your car dashboard?It is much better to keep it clean, especially when you own the best front and rear dash cams that I have introduced here in my dash cam reviews. You will secure all the best quality footage from your camcorders.I have introduced you how to wash your car to […]

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How to Get Through Traffic on Rainy Days

​How to get to work on time under the rain/ bad weatherHave you got sick of driving through the rain?Lately the weather everywhere in the world has been wild and weird. I’m currently living in California and it rains almost every weekend. Even though raining is what Californians have been asking for, I have to […]

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How to Fix Your Stalled Vehicle

​These are the must-do things prior to or during the time your car breaks down, including tire change, things to prepare, etc.As a new driver with no experience in driving in a long road trip, you shouldnot ignore the advice below. We will help you better handle your car when it is suddenly broken halfway. […]

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13 Right Falcon360 dash cam review

Dash Cam Reviews – How to use FALCON ZERO F360

Dash Cam Reviews -This truly is a simple guide to your FALCON ZERO F360 dash cam. We have recently made some dash cam reviews about Falcon Zero F360, and recieved some questions about how to maneuver its menu setings as there are a handful of different modes that you can choose among them based on […]

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