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3 ways to get over car sickness

Someone who always feel car sick may find this article helpful to you.Hello my dear readers!Luckily, I have never got car sick since little, but most of my family members do so I understand and sympathize with those who have to travel by car a lot. However, after successfully applying three methods of using motion […]

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VicoVation GPS Mouse and PowerPlus

​VicoVation External GPS Mouse and Power Plus are indeed the essential and useful accessories for your dash cams.  After using VicoVation Opia2 and being satisfied with how it functions, many people have been wondering whether to purchase these two creative and handy inventions ​from VicoVation. I would like to have some of my just opinions […]

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6 Basic Steps for The Perfect Car Wash

It’s time to turn your car into the completely new, dustless one with these few simple steps.A car wash will not only make your car crystal clear but also help better your visibility from inside, including any recordings from your best front dash cams inside your car. But first of all, you need to prepare […]

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8 out of order- dash cam

Common issues of dash cams

Dash Cam Reviews -It would be very frustrating to cope with any of the problems with your dash cam as below. Devices are smart yet causes much headache to the users sometimes. Dashboard camera, including both front and rear is one of them. Watch out for these and see if you can find a solution […]

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2 how to hide your dash cam wire 2

How to hide your dashcam’s wires

Dash Cam Reviews – Here are the few steps together with tips we have used to set up the wires inside the car. You have just got your best both front and rear dash cam ever that you feel proud of, but got frustrated by struggling to hang it in your car? Or getting rid […]

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