BlackSys CH-100B Dash cam Review

With Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile app integration, and car parking mode, BlackSys CH-100B is one of the best front and rear dash cam that amazingly offers HD recording.All you need to know about the BlackSys CH-100B 2 Channel Dash Cam So far, I have introduced several front and rear dash cams like BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, Falcon Zero […]

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2 Rexing V1P

Front and Rear Dash Cam Review- Rexing V1P

Rexing V1P – Best Front and Rear Dash Cam Nowadays, a lot of people are looking for a reliable and well designed dashboard camera. They are incredibly useful and can save you from many problems, in case of an accident or other kind of unexpected traffic event. However, the market is overloaded with different models […]

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how to avoid car sickness dcp

3 ways to get over car sickness

Someone who always feel car sick may find this article helpful to you.Hello my dear readers!Luckily, I have never got car sick since little, but most of my family members do so I understand and sympathize with those who have to travel by car a lot. However, after successfully applying three methods of using motion […]

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Car gift ideas for him and for her

In most occasions, couples would find it ideal to give each other typical presents like chocolate, cake, flowers, etc. Have you ever wondered if your other half is actually a car lover who loves to drive a lot? Then, don’t be too stressed out because we have come up with the list of extraordinary items […]

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traffic in the bad weather dcp

How to get through traffic on rainy days

​How to get to work on time under the rain/ bad weatherHave you got sick of driving through the rain?Lately the weather everywhere in the world has been wild and weird. I’m currently living in California and it rains almost every weekend. Even though raining is what Californians have been asking for, I have to […]

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car breakdown

How to fix your stalled vehicle

​These are the must-do things prior to or during the time your car breaks down, including tire change, things to prepare, etc.As a new driver with no experience in driving in a long road trip, you shouldnot ignore the advice below. We will help you better handle your car when it is suddenly broken halfway. […]

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VicoVation GPS Mouse and PowerPlus

​VicoVation External GPS Mouse and Power Plus are indeed the essential and useful accessories for your dash cams.  After using VicoVation Opia2 and being satisfied with how it functions, many people have been wondering whether to purchase these two creative and handy inventions ​from VicoVation. I would like to have some of my just opinions […]

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water spray car wash

6 basic steps for the perfect car wash

It’s time to turn your car into the completely new, dustless one with these few simple steps.A car wash will not only make your car crystal clear but also help better your visibility from inside, including any recordings from your best front dash cams inside your car. But first of all, you need to prepare […]

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