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1-Channel Dash Cam Reviews- they are convenient, affordable and easy to handle

What is a 1-CH camera?

A 1 channel (1-CH), called single lens, dash cam is the one that can just record videos in 1 way, typically in front next to the rearview mirror. It is normally used to catch any mishap that may occur in front of your vehicle. We have made a few best single-lens dash cam reviews on Garmin dash cam 20, AUSDOM AD282, TRANSCEND 220, PAPAGO! GoSafe 535 and VicoVation Opia2.

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Ausdom AD 282 is a very compact size dashboard camera with 2.4 inch LCD viewscreen; so, it has a wide enough screen for you to review recordings but not too big size to cover disturb your front view. It basically has some similar size and design as Transcend 220 we will talk about later.

What’s more, it is very simple and easy to set up as you only need to mount it upon your windshield by a suction cup. When power on, all you need to do is press the ON button and it will start right away. Its video quality is high with clear resolution while its audio quality is also relatively good. This auto camcorder also supports with many useful functions such as Loop Recording, G-sensor, and Motion detection, etc.


  • A compact size and solid camera
  • Straight forward and simple to set up
  • High video resolution and quality
  • Good audio quality
  • Loop Recording, and enabled G-sensor


  • Not high quality in Night Vision Mode
  • No GPS, and other Safety System


Transcend DrivePro 220

Our next dash cam review goes to Transcend DrivePro 220. Currently, Transcend is pioneering in producing various reliable dash cam models around the world. Its design is even better than its previous model Transcend 200.

Like the above camcorders, this one is user-friendly as it is a very simple to function device. If you want to turn it on, you only need to hold and press the Power button. What’s more, it supported with WiFi that is able to be connected to your smart phones. It has excellent video quality that you can even adjust its video settings to light and white balance.

What we prefer Transcend DP 220 to others is that it provides us with multiple safety settings such as Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System and Speed Alarm. Trust us, it won’t let you down at all! Read full reviews

front transcend 220 dash cam review

Transcend DrivePro 220

User Rating


  • A very compact and sleek design
  • Wifi connection to smart phones
  • Outstanding video quality with light and white balance
  • Safety features such as Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System, etc.


  • Video only saved in short clips
  • Problem with date marking on the videos


Dash Cam Reviews- PAPAGO! GoSafe 535

I must say that PAPAGO! Gosafe 535 is an absolutely astonishing dash cam for these following points. Firstly, it would be the outstanding design the manufacturer have come up with, which is extremely small and pretty stylish.

Secondly, I couldn’t agree more with its high quality video and image resolution. And it is very user-friendly when it is easy to set up. Even though its Stop Sign Detection alerts me wrongly sometimes, I also need to appreciate other safety features.

With the currently offered price, it’s worth having to protect your car on the street without considering GPS.


  • Super small size design with good LCD screen
  • Good light exposure
  • Lots of handy safety features such as Stop and Go, Stop Sign, etc.
  • OTG feature to view videos directly on smart phones.
  • Super wide view angle
  • High quality recording solution


  • No GPS
  • No app supported for iPhone
  • Improvement needed in Stop Sign Warning Feature
  • Battery charging needed


Garmin 20

Garmin has been well-known for its GPS devices, and now, it has come into the dash cam industry as introducing Garmin 20. That’s why the enabled GPS and G-sensor of this dash cam can work well and outstand in marking speed, location and position of your car.

The size of the dash cam, like AUSDOM AD 282, is considerably well-fit with the solid design. Its navigation menu is also easy to maneuver. The video quality is also considered good that can go up to 1080px. So reading numbers in the license plate is a piece of cake.

Last but not least, it is offered at a reasonable price, so it’s like the bang in the buck for buyers like us.

overall garmin20 dash cam review

Garmin 20 Dash Cam

User Rating


  • Enabled GPS and G-sensor
  • Simple menu settings
  • Affordable price


  • Adapter needed for constant sat-nav powering
  • No apps supported for Mac users


VicoVation Opia2

​Undoubtedly, image quality is the most outstanding feature I’ve found for Opia2. Its highest video resolution reaches up to 1440p with the frame rate up to 60fps. Amazing numbers!

After using 1 week, I believe that VicoVation Opia2 is indeed a big hit in the front dash cam world. You may feel reluctant when spending that much money on a dash cam, but it is the truly trustworthy and outstanding dashboard camera when it gives you the best image quality ever and supports you with a lot of useful features to better your car safety and avoid any possible issue such as mal-operation due to over temperature, incorrect GPS tracking, etc.


  • Compact sizer
  • Easy to set up
  • Best quality image with 1440kp resolution
  • Wide recording
  • Smart Parking Surveillance
  • Safety Warning System (Lane Departure Warning, Speed Alarm, etc.)


  • No built-in GPS
  • No internal battery
  • No Wifi connected

To highly secure your car from accident in 2 ways, you can take a look at the best front and rear dash cams currently offered in the market. Surely, you can equip yourself with the best devices for higher safety.

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