PAPAGO! GoSafe 535

Gosafe 535- the appealing design dash cam to carry around

You can deny the fact that dashboard camera has become much more popular than 2 years ago. The reason is that the needs in recording street evidence have rapidly increased. Hence, every single month, there would be a new product launch for dash cams from various famous manufacturers such as Falcon, THINKWARE, BlackVue, Transcend, and so on. I have made some reviews on dash cams that I have used before. This time, I would like to make reviews on the new product from PAPAGO- GOSAFE 535 which has been introduced to the market for about half a year. This is not simply the eye-catching compact design, but also a road safety device that can alert you every time you lose your focus on street. Let’s see more how I personally love this dash cam.

front look gosafe535

Design quality is better than the previous model!

Surprisingly, PAPAGO! Gosafe 535 has a very small size design. I have used several front dash cams so I believe, it would be all as the same size as my palm. However, this one is a different story. GOSAFE 535 is much smaller and than what you can look on its pictures on Amazon. It is so unobstructive that I can easily hide it behind my rear view mirror even though it has a dark black color. By hiding the dash cam wires around the dashboard, the passengers in my car are amazingly unable to see where the dash cam is located. Moreover, it is very light-weight that you can barely feel anything when you hold it in your hand.

Honestly, I also like its design because it somehow reminds me of the Polaroid instagram camera, except the fact that it is smaller and simpler. In the right hand side are the USB, Reset, HD Out buttons, while in the left hand side are memory slot, power button if you want to manually turn on or off the camera. However, it will auto turn on once you plug in the 12v cord and ignite your car engine. In the front of the car camcorder, there are the 2’ LCD screen, controlling buttons, locked button to lock the saved files and OK button. The screen is actually in sufficiently bright color that will not distract you much when driving.

No other manufacturer gives you 2 choices of mounting

box back gosafe535 dash cam

First of all, I need to give some respects to the manufacturer for its good service and support. The package was shipped and delivered on time in front of my house gate! And what’s inside was even better. Besides the dashcam, in the well-packed box are an 8GB micro SD card which I think is not enough to record high quality videos. However, this dash cam can support a wide range of Micro-SD cards, which can work with 64gb Sandisk, A-Data, Kingston and Lexar. However, what I dislike about the memory card slot is that it is too hard to remove the inserted one. It doesn’t mean impossible to do it though, because you just need a small screw-driver or even a toothpick.

There are even 2 choices of mount: a 3M adhesive mount, and a suction cup mount. Isn’t it better that you can choose how to mount it in different situations? But whatever mount you use, I can guarantee that it can be among the best mount you have ever had. Inside are also 2 different cables: 1 to connect with the smart phone, and the other for the camera. There would also be an app to support your phone; however, the app is only useful for Android smart phones so it is not good news for those who own iPhones. However, if you can use and download the app from Google Store, it will be very helpful in transferring or viewing videos directly through your smart phones when you plug in the OTG cable. So, you don’t need to remove the dash cam from your car to send videos to your computer.

otg cable gosafe535 dash cam

Driving Safety Features: Yes or no?

suction cup gosafe535 dash cam

It’s time to review the main menu of this PAPAGO! dash cam. Firstly, just like for other dash cams, I have read through the instruction manual for several minutes but once I turned on the camera, it’s not too hard to figure out its functions. First of all, it is the Record Mode which includes 3 options: Auto Recording- the very standard mode, Monitor Mode- mode when the dash cam can take photos every second, and the Motion Detection Mode- quite a popular mode in other dash cams. I have tried to turn on the Motion detection Mode and it may record somehow slower than usual, which you may miss some clips per second but it is not that noticeable.

stop sign warning gosafe535 dash cam

Secondly, I want to talk more about its Driving Safety Features. In fact, there are many new useful features for us drivers even though some need improving. Except for the Calibrate mode that shows you how to mount the camera, there is the Fatigue Warning which will give you alarm to generally “wake you up” every assigned time. There is also Stop and Go reminder which alerts the car in front is going. There is one feature that I have to give minus point for it: the Stop Sign detection that goes beeping when stop sign is on the screen. The reason is because it gives you a faulty alert sometimes.

There is also Format Memory Card and Format Warning features that will give you a heads-up on the date to reset your memory card to prolong its life, which is good for a busy and work-overloaded person like me. Its exposure value to control the brightness of the recorded videos is considerably good.

There is even a take-a-photo function with 4M, 9M, 16M photo resolution. This is not quite a necessary function for dash cam but if you want to take around a small camera to snap shot something, this can be an option. Besides, other basic features are also included such as Screen saver time, Date time, volume and microphone, etc.

Wide angle view

The camera supports a very wide viewing angle, which can be up to 160 degrees. The quality of the video is also the good thing to talk about. It can record absolutely great both during the day and night, thanks to its 1296px video sensor. To be specific, Ultrawide mode is better to use during the day time. I can say that it will give you an extremely crystal look even when you pause the videos. But at night time, 1080px recording is recommended because it gives better and more realistic night footage than Ultrawide mode which shows darker and somehow more inaccurate color videos on the street. Also a reminder, if you record such a high quality video, you need to upgrade your memory card as well.

The missing piece…

That would be GPS! I can tell numerous dash cams I have used before that support with GPS, such as Transcend DP 220, Garmin 20, or AUSDOM AD282. However, this “good-looking” dash cam falls behind in this feature. However, if you have enabled GPS in your phones or even had a real navigation device, this won’t be a big deal for you. Personally, I actually fall for its design and other crucial and well-functioning features as I mentioned above.


As I mentioned above, PAPAGO! is the trustworthy manufacturer that offers amazing customer service. Together with it, the 1-year warranty is also included. I even got a discount when I ordered the dash cam early.

To sum up,

back gosafe535 dash cam

I must say that PAPAGO! Gosafe 535 is an absolutely astonishing dash cam for these following points. Firstly, it would be the outstanding design the manufacturer have come up with, which is extremely small and pretty stylish. Secondly, I couldn’t agree more with its high quality video and image resolution. And it is very user-friendly when it is easy to set up. Even though its Stop Sign Detection alerts me wrongly sometimes, I also need to appreciate other safety features. With the currently offered price, it’s worth having to protect your car on the street without considering GPS.

PAPAGO! GoSafe 535

PAPAGO! GoSafe 535


9.5 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Super small size design with good LCD screen
  • Good light exposure
  • Lots of handy safety features such as Stop and Go, Stop Sign, etc.
  • OTG feature to view videos directly on smart phones.
  • Super wide view angle
  • High quality recording solution


  • No GPS
  • No app supported for iPhone
  • Improvement needed in Stop Sign Warning Feature
  • Battery charging needed
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Yvonne - August 30, 2016


I’m so glad that technological advancements have produced all these amazing dash cams. It is an essential item in the car now, no longer a luxury. I like that this Papago! dash cam is small, lightweight and unobtrusive. The options available for the recording mode seems really cool. I don’t drive now but I’ll definitely look into this model if I need to get one next time. Thanks for the review.

David - September 8, 2016

Haha, what a coincidence. I’ve been thinking about getting a dashcam for a few weeks now. Maybe this is the one. Do you have any other recomendations?


sandra - September 11, 2016

That’s a really detailed review. I didn’t know they are becoming so popular. I suppose they will become standard equipment on cars soon!

Brandon - September 11, 2016

I’ve always wanted to get one of these, with all the crashes happening lately and ‘shocking’ events that usually get captured on a dash cam it makes me want to venture into this way of living. The GoSafe 535 could be something to consider. I will definitely be back here before Christmas to check this one out again.

Thanks so much for this valuable post,

Dinh - September 13, 2016

I’ve been looking around into a dash cam as I think it’s great to have. Still looking around on reviews to see what the best options are for me.
This Pagao great for design, affordability, features and performance. I will take this into consideration.

It gets really hot here in the summers, some times in 90s and more, what is the max temp it can stand if I leave it in the car?

Tim - July 7, 2017

Will this work with an android tablet?

    Alton - July 9, 2017

    Thank you for your comment! I think it does, because it comes with On-The-Cross cable that lets you plug your dash cam straight in your Android software.


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