12 must-have items for the fun trip

When you plan out for the trip, you have to take care of a lot of pre-trip issues. One of them can be the car that you will drive along with. If it gets stalled, you should know how to fix it. Also, some of you may just have bought the best front and rear dash cams to record your whole journey, so we should also know how to clean the dashboard properly. The next thing is to be prepared with all necessary items to avoid any embarrassment or unnecessary worry. It's best to have a list of essential items and check to make sure you do not forget anything. Passport, visa, money, maps ... are indispensable when traveling abroad.

What to bring during our trip

1. Identification

travel passport

Copy and bring copies of important documents: ID card or passport, visa, airline tickets, hotel booking documents or other services such as tours. Keep another copy elsewhere in the suitcase. In case of losing the main paper, we still have a copy in place. If accompanied by children, bring a birth certificate(s) for them.

Also, it is advised that we bring the contact information such as email, address, phone number ... of the tour organizer, or the nation embassies if traveling abroad. This is helpful because in case something happens, we will know where or who to contact to get the problems solved.

Also, you should have a list of phone numbers, emails or addresses of relatives or important places to contact. It is also important to write them down in a single paper where you would remember rather than keeping them in the cell phone, in case the phone is lost or out of battery. If traveling abroad, a passport is indispensable and absolutely a must-have.

2. Money, credit card

If traveling abroad, it is important to change the currency of the country before our departure. We are not only advised to keep the large safe in our luggage in case we need to pay anything, but we also need to withdraw other cash money like single or fin. The reason is because there would be times you need to buy water, food, or luggage for employees, taxi drivers, etc. At the airports, there is a money transfer service, but it is usually higher than when you exchange money at a local bank. Do not forget to bring a credit card as a precaution because when traveling abroad, the card is very convenient.

3. Personal belongings

The list of essential items to bring during your trip can be household utensils, personal hygiene products (lotion, sunscreen, shower gel, cleanser, shampoo, hat, sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) camera, phone, and battery charger or spare battery. When traveling abroad, it would be nice if we can prepare the compatible electric plug because each country has different outlet. At large hotels, you can borrow or rent at the reception desk but when they have lent or rented to other guests, it is better to have our own.

If you have to fly a long flight with a transit stop, your luggage should be prepared with some clothes. When your flight is delayed or if you are stuck in an airport or your main suitcase is missing, you still have clean clothes to get changed.

hygiene products

4. Medicines, medical items

These are important basic health items that we need to prepare, including cold or flu medicine, personal tape, insect bite medicine, abdominal pain medication, common antibiotics, motion sickness medication.

5. Books, music, games

These will help you relax and keep you entertained during your vacation. If there are children, before leaving, it is suggested to download some good movies, some interesting games, or carry a lot of coloring books, comics, cartoons ... for their entertainment.

6. Towels, handkerchiefs

Always have a wet towel to facilitate hand cleaning or cleaning of stains when traveling in the car or when eating, especially if you have children to follow. In addition, face towels and towels are important for hygiene purposes.

7. Water

You should drink plenty of water to avoid skin and lip dryness because the body will lose a lot of water during long flights. According to Everyday Health, it is easy to get dry air and dehydration on the plane, so we should remember to always drink water.  When moving, carry spare water bottles, which can be frozen in advance to keep the water cold longer. In the tourism location or amusement park, definitely they will sell water bottles but they may get really expensive.

8. Pen and notebook

It will not be too “heavy” to add a little notebook, a ballpoint pen and a highlight pen to your bag. You will find them useful when you need to make a transit pass at the airport or when you need to write some notes or highlight what's important in the map or on the tour guide.

9. Snacks

If you have young children, the preparation of processed baby food is very necessary because children are hungry and cannot wait for the meal time, not to mention that the baby cannot eat any strange food. Bring their favorite baby food and bring some light bites for yourself like mint candies, etc. For those who are not used to flying and who have tinnitus when taking off or landing, you may chew gum because your mouth muscles can release gas to your ears to prevent height pressure.

10. Dictionary, travel guide

Going to a foreign country, small dictionaries can help you when local people are not good at English, and you can ask them for basic things. Or if you do not have the time to find out where you need to go, a travel guide in the car or on the plane will give you a lot of useful information before going to those locations.

11. Comfortable shoes

Depending on the trip, you can bring appropriate footwear. Comfortable shoes with soft soles are highly recommended. For girls and women, we should not take our high heels. Imagine when you're on the move and have to walk a lot, your legs will be blistering and painful afterwards. If you go to the beach or swimming pool areas, rivers or lakes or in the rainy season, there should be rubber slippers so that you can soak them up.

12. Suitcase, bag

We should not stuff too much in one tight suitcase. Instead, we can only pack about two-thirds of the suitcase, as you will definitely buy some souvenirs or specialties there. You can bring a folded bag in the suitcase because you cannot miss many more beautiful gifts on the trip.

Do not forget to bring as many small nylon bags as possible to make garbage bags, shoe, and wet or dirty clothes’ bags. Nylon bags are also useful when you pack liquids, such as soap and alcohol, to avoid damaging other items in your luggage.

12 must-have things for the fun trip

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