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2 Channel (CH) Dash Cam Reviews – When you want to capture videos both in front and in rear

Most of us may often hear about best front dash cams that only face and record what’s in front, known as single-lens or 1-channel dash cams. However, this time, we would like to introduce the dual-lens, or 2-channel, dash cams which allow you to know what happens everywhere around your car. Let’s take a closer look of what they are and can offer to buyers to select the best front and rear dash cam for car.

What is 2-CH Dash Cam Reviews?

2-Channel or dual lens or duo dash cams are those that support with 2 camera lens, to capture things not only in the front but also in the back. This is a great idea for those who are also worried about what may occur to their cars in the back, and could increase their safety. It is very beneficial for buyers who are car business owners, or those who run taxis (e.g: Uber, etc.) or delivery guys, because it enhances the security against danger or possible events to a higher level. Hence, if things happen in rear, you can catch the right culprit. So, apparently, two-channel dash cam will help every driver cover more evidence around their cars for more safety.

We currently have 4 best recommendations for good duo dash cams: BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, Falcon Zero F360, THINKWARE F770 and Rexing V1P.


BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH is our first, the smallest and almost the best front and rear dash cam we have used and it actually didn’t fail us at all. It led us to the dash cam world for its handful of convenient features for busy drivers like us such as good built-in GPS, its wide recording angle and ability of rotating 360 degree around its mount, and so on.

Another reason why we fell for it is its 2 channel cameras that both function very well and support with great image resolution quality for when we tried to capture videos around our cars. And no worries for those who want to save videos or images elsewhere because it has good supporting apps for both computers and smart phones. It’s really worth having one in your car!

blackvue dr650gw-2ch dash cam review

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH Dash Cam

User Rating


  • Light-weight and simple design
  • High video quality with wide angle both for the front and rear cameras
  • Good built-in GPS reciever with accurate date, location and driving speed
  • Good supporting app for computers and smart phones
  • High audio quality with little noisy voice distractions


  • Relatively high price
  • Wifi connection issue


Falcon Zero F360

Falcon Zero F360 is our second best front and rear camera we would like to give some words. It is comparatively less pricy than BlackVue Dr650GW with a weight of 11.oz only and a wide screen to look at previews.

What captured our attention from the beginning is its outstanding design that makes it function as a rearview mirror also, and you don’t need to worry how you should mount it in your car. The good thing about it is it is very easy to set up when all you need to do is turn it on via On/Off button. It also has wide view recording with 2 cameras recording in both ways and is a dash cam with GPS to mark your locations.

Its video resolution is amazing as well, up to FullHD 720px. It also has Loop Recording and Night vision for those drivers who need to commute at night. Isn’t it all you need for your dash cam?


  • Easy to set up, no need for any savvy dash cam use skills
  • Wide view recording
  • 2 cameras recording in the front and the back
  • High resolution videos


  • Hard-to-control menu buttons
  • Whitewashed photos when exposed too much to the light



With another excellent experience, the most outstanding and the lastest front and rear dash cam model that I have ever reviewed is THINKWARE F770.

Even though it does not have a LCD screen for reviewing and a very compact size dash cam for car, THINKWARE F770 is equipped with many other astonishing features that hardly can be found in any other car video recorder. For instance, it has a dual save in which you can save your recorded videos both internally and in the memory card.

Besides being a dash cam with GPS like the 2 others, it aslo supports with good apps for both Win and Mac users to help you easily review your recorded videos and maneuver other settings.

What’s more, it has a super wide recording angle and super night vision mode that I would say, no other dash cam for car can be as satisfying.


  • Dual Save
  • Super Wide Recording Angle
  • FullHD for front and rear camera
  • Super Night Vision Mode
  • Good apps for Win/Mac devices
  • Camera with GPS, WiFi


  • No LCD screen
  • Not very compact size

Rexing V1P

Last but not least, Rexing V1P is the one of the best front and rear dash cam available on the market, and it’s an investment that worth its price which you only pay for less than $140.

With its 1080p forward facing camera. The camera is able to record every action in a clear and detailed manner. The rear camera can also provide a high-definition image .

Amazingly, Rexing V1P is supported with 170 degree 6-layer glass lens, which can be considered one of the most competitive-advantaged technologies in the market. The Rexing V1P front and rear dash cams feature some high quality lens, able to capture everything on the road.

More than that, it comes with a well optimized night vision feature, which allows it to adapt on any change of light, even in the poorest visual conditions.


  • 1080px video quality & 170-degree 6-layer glass lens
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Large storage capacity
  • Super Night Vision Mode
  • Long warranty time
  • Loop Recording, G-Sensor


  • Choppy images (sometimes)
  • Mislabeled date stamp

Apparently, these best front and rear dash cams can be a good gift idea too. Or, if you're interested in any other gifts, check out more car gift ideas for him and for her

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Lyndsay - July 31, 2016

I really like your post! You give really great information on all of these cameras keeping the readers interested! These cameras are actually really neat I might have to look into getting one! Thanks for the information!

    Alton - August 2, 2016

    Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it because I tried hard to make it well-exposed to readers like you. Hope you can find your right dash cam in the near future.

Håkan - August 1, 2016

Cool, i didn’t know these cameras existed, but with todays technique nothing is impossible. Might be good for me to set up one of these in my car. I was wondering about the thinkware F770.. what is the super night vision mode? Is it some kind of mode where it records and you still can see super clear in the dark?

    Alton - August 2, 2016

    Thanks for your question. Normally, other dash cam can record with only Night Vision Mode. However, the quality cannot be compared as what it records in the daytime. With Super Night Vision Mode, it can deliver up to 8 times higher brightness than normal products, meaning you can still see everything clear in the night time. Hope this will clear your confusion, and check out here for more details: http://dashcameraportal.com/dash-cam-reviews-thinkware-f770/

Gaylene Nepia - August 2, 2016

Hi Alton,

Wow, I didn’t even know these camera’s existed! But what a great idea not just for cars, but safety in places like Night Clubs that could capture potential crimes (drink spiking) from 2 angles Thanks for this, I learned something new today 🙂

    Alton - August 3, 2016

    Thanks for your comment. Acutally, you also give out a creative idea as well for the place to have dash cams. You can have dash cams anywhere you consider dangerous or you need clear proof for something.

Chas - August 2, 2016

I did not know these cameras existed. It sounds like a really good camera to have for safety and would be handy like if you have an accident or something happens to your vehicle. It would be great for reporting incidents to insurance.

    Alton - August 3, 2016

    It’s great that you shared the same ideas as mine. Years ago, when you got yourself into an accident, it was very hard to prove whose fault it was. But nowadays, when you equip your car with a dash cam, any collision can be recorded and you wouldn’t be worried about how to give evidence to other related party.

Kevin Bulmer - August 12, 2016

It’s incredibly how technology is advancing. The capabilities of these cameras is astounding! You’ve done a wonderful job of showing all aspects. Keep up the great work!

    Alton - August 16, 2016

    Thanks for your comment. I was also amazed by the functionalities of dash cams when I got the first one until now. Hope you found my reviews helpful.

Jeremy - August 13, 2016

These look like some great dash cams! This is a very helpful and thorough reviews for someone looking to increase the safety of their vehicle. Thanks!

    Alton - August 16, 2016

    That’s true how dash cam can secure your car better, at least in capturing the full details in front and behind your car. Hope you’ve found this article helpful.

Sam - August 15, 2016

That’s really cool! I didn’t even know dual channel dash cams existed! I think the fact that the last one has a nightvision cam is really helpful, because honestly the time I’d be most unnerved in my car is at night in a sketchy parking lot. It would just be nice to know I have eyes behind me. Would they stand up well in an accident from behind? Thanks for showing me something new that I’d never heard of!

    Alton - August 16, 2016

    Thanks for your comment and good question. Definitely it will stand strong behind your car no matter what kind of accident it may happen thanks to its steady suction cup.


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