3 ways to get over car sickness

Someone who always feel car sick may find this article helpful to you.

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Luckily, I have never got car sick since little, but most of my family members do so I understand and sympathize with those who have to travel by car a lot. However, after successfully applying three methods of using motion sickness pills, driving on your own, practicing and following the rules when sitting on the car.


1. The simplest and most effective way

Have you ever tried using motion sickness medications?

You can use this method if you want to deal with it fast and effectively. However, it is better that you eat well and do not stay hungry before drinking it. What’s more, you should drink enough water and take pills 30 minutes before leaving.

This is something you need to be mindful of when taking the medicine. And you should not take it with any other motion sickness medication. Otherwise, the treatment does not work. The effect is very high, almost without causing drowsiness or drunkenness. Many people find it extremely effective in a way that they go on the car the whole day without getting any car sick at all. Isn’t it amazing?

Note that, of course, you should seek doctor for any further advice on how to use medications.

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2. Why not self-driving?

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If you are able to go to the driver's school and take the wheel by yourself, that would be great!

My friend's wife was also very car sick that she was always afraid of going anywhere by car. So, her husband decided to let her drive on her own. Just later in time, she became skillful in driving without getting any kind of car sickness.

3.  Useful tips when you’re in the car

These are the few basic ways for you to get over the sickness. First of all, definitely, you should only sit on the same direction with the car motion and never face backwards. Your eyes should be looking through the windshield, watching traffic on the road, and just imagine you are also driving. You should restrict looking at or staring at objects over windows. Those fast and constantly moving objects will make you feel even dizzier.

Also, when you go on a bus, you should not sit at the end of the vehicle. There is a small tip I learn from my grandmother, which is using cotton swabs inserted into the ears. Once done it, you will find it much more pleasant when not hearing the engine roaring loud outside.

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Do not scroll down your car window and it is advised you turn on the air conditioner because of the gasoline odor outside of the car. If the air conditioning has irritating odor,  you can actually use tangerine peels or pandan leaves to deodorize your car. You are also not recommended to read anything on hand (books / cell phones / laptops ...), and minimize messaging. However, making a phone call is still acceptable.

When braking, inhale slowly, until the lungs are tight; hold your breath and do not exhale right away, until the car is fully decelerated and start moving evenly. Then, you can take a deep breath about 2, 3 times.

This movement is very important. It happens a lot of times when drivers tend to be a sudden-braking person. Inhaling and exhaling slowly helps the body to have more oxygen throughout the whole body.

It may sound more complicated than taking the medication when it requires you to strictly follow to be effective. However, if successful in doing so, you will be extremely happy and satisfied, because from now on, you can comfortably travel or go to school or to work by car without having to worry anymore.

I have shared this approach with many people, and most of them find it so useful that they do it all the time they’re going by car.

Simple, easy but essential and effective, I hope you can say “goodbye” to your car sickness and enjoy your nice trip.

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Thank you!

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