6 Basic Steps for The Perfect Car Wash

It’s time to turn your car into the completely new, dustless one with these few simple steps.

A car wash will not only make your car crystal clear but also help better your visibility from inside, including any recordings from your best front dash cams inside your car.

But first of all, you need to prepare a few tools useful for your car wash!​


A. Tool Preparation:

The best tools for car wash are sponges and gloves; otherwise, you can use soft cloth, or absorbent towels (leather cloth, etc. ...). You also need dry wipes, 2 buckets, tire brushes, high-pressure sprayer and of course, an indispensable soap bottle.

B. A place to wash:

You should also notice that you should wash your car in a cool place and wait until the machine completely cools down if you just finish driving. Do not wash the car when the machine is still hot or has been staying under the sun because it is easier to scratch off your car paints. Moreover, washing the car under the sun can cause surface to dry rapidly without enough time to wash off all the dirt.

C. The process of washing the car:

Let's get your hands ready!​

1. Spray the entire car to easily take off rough stains:

Spray the entire car with water hose at generally far distance. By doing this, the impurities will get softer, which makes it easier for pressure spraying later on.

2. Tires, tire sidewalls, car step boards

Car Tire Wash

Always start from here, especially with high-pressure sprayer. The reason is that if you wash them after getting others done first, the other parts will be maculated with dirt and you need to clean again. This time, use the tire brush to easily take off dirt on the wheels and tires. Note that you should open all the doors and mop the car step board, and at the corner as this is the place you nearly forget most of the times.

3. Spray water carefully

Use a high-pressure nozzle and spray the water from the roof of the car down to let all the dirt and mud stuck on the body go off. You can find it more simple to take off all the dirt, even the one heavily stuck on your car thanks to what you’ve done in the first step.

Currently, at the car wash shops, the first thing they do is to spray warm high-pressure water into the car, simply because of cleaning off the dirt before snow foam wash. But the matter is that the sands would be pushed down sharply by the pressure, skidding along the surface of your car. It is usually invisible to the naked eye but it will actually create large scratches in return.

4. Rinse the soap

2 bucket car wash

This is an essential part of the difference between 2 buckets washing style and normal 1 bucket washing style. With 1 bucket for clean water, the other mixed with soap. We soak sponges into the soap bucket and use it to clean each part in the direction from top to bottom. Wash in the horizontal or vertical but circular movement. Upon finishing any part, we dip the sponge into the bucket of clean water and drain it before soaking it again into the bucket of soap water. This action is to minimize carrying dirt, sand from the area being cleaned onto the soap bucket and rubbing them on painted surface.

car wash

In a conventional car wash, you may notice that they spray the foam into the whole car, then use only one rag and scrub from the car roof, in the front and the back. Thus, if the vehicle remains dirt, sand ... it has been dragged from one place to another, along with the scouring force, resulting in the scratched and faded car paint..

Back to the washing process, we should wash each part to prevent soap from drying out on the paint surface, using a sponge to gently scrub the front and rear bumpers.

5. Spray water

water spray

After wiping the soap, we use light water to spray all at once, the remaining soap will float away from the pain; then, continue to strongly spray to clean it completely.

6. Dry:

With 2 soft dry cloths, wipe out fast to absorb water from the surface. Next, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the rest again. The painted surface will become completely glossy again.

Note that, you need to pull the window down and up to wipe out all water on the glass.

After the wash is complete, you'll notice the car paint cleaner and sleeker. The reason is that the soap contains some amount of wax, which will make it harder for the dust to stick on the paint than the normal wash.

Thus, with the combination of 2 bucket style, and your bare hands, a car wash will really make the car perfectly modern and like new again.

These are the few essential but easy-to-do steps with easy-to-find tools that everyone can use and follow. If you do it properly, it will take you only 30-45 minutes to get a full car wash. What's more, you won't feel any frustrated by some other guys washing your "baby" without care or leaving dust on it. Let’s all have extremely nice looking cars again. If there is anything else you want to share about car wash, don’t hesitate to let me and our page viewers know. We would be more than glad to be updated.

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