8.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


  • A compact size and discreet camera
  • Simple and easy-to-setup
  • High video quality with clear resolution
  • Considerably good audio quality
  • Loop Recording, G-sensor, Noise and Motion detection


  • Low video quality in Night Vision Mode
  • No GPS, Forward Collision, Lane Departure Warning System

AUSDOM dash cam reviewDash Cam Reviews- Are you looking for the best dash cam at the lowest price?

You have been reluctant to buy a dash cam for your car, simply because the accidents keep rising and you are concerned about your own safety as once mentioned in this article, but most of them are offered at a high price. With Ausdom AD282 in hand, you don’t need to worry about this anymore. Ausdom AD282 gives you a handy number of features that can support your recording while travelling. This time I would give you a dash cam review on this AUSDOM product.

A mediocre design

You can still tell by how it looks that this model design is so usual like any other dash cam with the same size. So, I won’t recommend anyone who choose this dash cam by its looks. Specifically, Ausdom AD 282 is a 2.4 inch LCD viewscreen, and its dimensions are 70mm x 63mm x 31mm. So, fairly, it is large enough to have a clear view while small enough not to be distracting during your drive. It is a very compact size camera, and compared to those that we have reviewed, it is considered the smallest. What’s more, because of its discreet compact size, you can also use it as a helmet cam during your ride. It basically has some similar size and design as Transcend 220 we have reveiwed so far.

Besides the main car camera, the package includes a mounting bracket with a suction cup, a power cable that is long enough to go around inside your car, and a USB cable. On the right side of the cam are the power On/Off button, the micro SD card slot and on the left side are USB connector, a “Reset” button and an HD port. The four control buttons, which are Back, Up, Down, and OK, are at the bottom of the camera.
About its structure, the suction cup holds well and is securely mounted upon your windshield. This is a common problem of many other dash cams and a worry to the users because when the temperature reaches too high and too low, it will loosen and the cam will drop down the car console. Hence, you can trust this model for it. Secondly, its setup was quite simple and user-friendly. Maneuvering all the functions of this camera is a piece of cake just by following the onscreen menu.AUSDOM design dash cam review

How it works

We actually do not have much to say about the way this camera works since it is a user-friendly camera. You can flexibly charge and power on the cam through the cigarette lighter or the USB cable. Afterwards, it will automatically turn on once you start your car engine.

The four control buttons are used to control any available functionality that would appear on screen and its menu settings are easy to follow.

HDR Vision Function: Isn’t it good?

For choosing a dash cam that can support with lots of helpful features, AUSDOM AD282 can be the one.

AUSDOM dash cam reviewFirst, I must give a heads-up for its HDR Vision Function. This camera function helps prevent the recorded videos from being over- or under-exposed. Simply, it will adjust the dynamic range under different conditions. Its video quality and resolution is noticeably well-defined. The video resolution of the camera is up to 1080FHD and the image is encrypted JPG file with 4M pixel CMOS. Thus, even at the lowest video resolution option, it is still comparatively an excellent quality with such accurate colors defined. So any fine details like license plate numbers are no big deal for this camera. Talking about its view, the camera can rotate 360 degree and give a wide angle lens, so you can observe things all in four lanes. It has the wide recording angle that the camera can record videos with 130 degree wide angle.

The camera is supported with Micro SD cards and their memory space can reach up to 64GB (depending on how many videos you want to store in the cards). Keep in mind that you can use class 10 high speed cards for the best results.


AUSDOM dash cam review

Features that you can miss

In an aspect of useful features, it has the option of loop recording. We have been talking about how important this function is as once your memory is full, the camera will stop recording. It is also available for this camera to automatically overwrite old files if the memory card is full. You can even set up the recording time to the length of time you want. It can record as one, three and five minute videos.

If you’re looking for a motion and noise detection at the same time in your dashboard camera, this AUSDOM cam can do that by automatically triggering recordings if it senses any collision. Moreoever, other G- Sensor, Noise and Motion detection can protect your car from unwelcome accident claims if anything happens during your drive.

Moreover, its audio quality is impressively a wow to the users as well in terms of frequency range and sensitivity. You can even hear clearly what’s in and outside your car during your playback. It also has a very high storage capacity, up to 64 GBs while only 32 GBs for other cameras.

Still some minus points

Unfortunately, most dash cams have some weak points that we should be mindful of. This is not an exception either. The camera does offer the Night Vision mode. However, it only works well with low light environment, so when being exposed too much to the brightness ( e.g. the street lights), the video quality will worsen off. Furthermore, unlike Transcend Drive Pro 220, it does not have either built-in GPS, the forward collision warning or the lane departure warning system.
In short, these are the listed Pros and Cons of AUSDOM AD282


It comes with 1 year warranty and you need to contact directly to the manufacturer for full support

AUSDOM dash cam reviewVerdict

To sum up, despite lacking some other features, the AUSDOM AD282 dashboard camera still provides the buyers with such good features as Loop Recording, G-sensor, Noise and Motion detection that will well support them during their driving time. What’s more, it is offered at the price much lower than any other brands we have reviewed so far. So, apparently, it’s the bang for the buck for anyone who wishes to have a dash cam in their car!

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Trevor Moy - July 19, 2016

I will be buying one of these – a dash cam when I get back to the UK. I wanted to buy one here in Thailand to record the appalling driving. Problem is that the police here are so incompetent that any video sent to them showing the bad driving, there’d be some excuse from them as to not following it up. I hope that in the UK, this will be different.

Nice review. Thanks for the breakdown.

    Alton - July 20, 2016

    Thanks for your comment. And we feel so sorry for the incident you have coped with in Thailand! Not everywhere would be like that, we believe. Owning a dash cam always brings you with more benefits while you are driving with only $90.


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