BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH

BlackVue DR650GW-2CH


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


9.5 /10


  • Light-weight and simple design
  • High video quality with wide angle both for the front and rear cameras
  • Good built-in GPS reciever with accurate date, location and driving speed
  • Good supporting app for computers and smart phones
  • High audio quality with little noisy voice distractions


  • Relatively high price
  • Wifi connection issue

design blackvue dr650 dash cam reviewDash Cam Reviews – We have to admit, BlackVue DR650GW-2CH is our best value dash cam!

Dash cams have become one of the best supporters for drivers since it functions not only as a video recorder for our whole journey but also a sufficient proof for any incident that may happen to us during our driving. That’s why I started to use and review which one would be the best value for drivers like me. After some time I have been using the dash cams, I believed that good dash cams should be able to record nonstoppably over time, keep an accurate marking of our speed an location, record well in the front and in rear and give us good evidence of what may happen once our cars are parked. And we could conclude in this dashcam review that BlackVue DR650GW 2CH can satisfy me all with those requirements being my front and rear dash cam. Let’s see how it becomes our best value.

A different design: Like or dislike?

closeup blackvue dr650 dash cam reviewdetail blackvue dr650 dash cam review

I remember when I first made an order of this dash cam for car. It is when I decided to make another try for an advanced 2-channel dash cam after Falcon Zero F360. Though it lacks a LCD screen to view on your playbacks, I came accross with this product and got impressed right away by the not-typically-designed dash cam. The camera captured my attention with its discreet cylindrical design and matte black color. It’s very light-weight and can easily stay behind your rearview mirro so that it will not block your driving sight. Moreover, its included cable is long and not too thick so you also do not need to worry about how to hide them in your car. When the delivery first arrived, it comes well-packaged  with the front and the rear camera, extra adhesives and cable clips plus a micro SD card reader, a 12 to 24V power adapter, and along coaxial cable to connect the front and rear cameras.

This is the international version approved by FCC so you can surely believe it can be well-supported in the USA. It basically allows the dash cam to keep running while the car is off until your car battery dips below a certain voltage or configurable timer is reached. The camera can rotate 360 degrees in its mount. On one side is a proximity sensor used to toggle audio recording while on the other is a cover, with the included microSD card slot, the power cable socket, and the wifi toggle button.

How it’s different from the other dash cams I have reviewed is that this front and rear dash cam does not have a designed screen to watch the incidents while driving in the car but it is quite light and handy, with a weight of only 0.3lb in total and full of useful features.

How it worksopen blackvue dr650 dash cam review

Unlike other dash cams, as I mentioned above, The DR650 does not have a LCD screen or any buttons to control. So any changes you would like to make, you need to do in on your PC or smart phones prior to your journey.

When this front and rear dash cam first arrived at your front door, it is all set, meaning you do not need to do much for it to work and the SD card was already inserted. Upon startup it will detect the blank card and format it for operation. This also loads the computer program which is used for setup and video playback.

Desktop Software is easier to approach the camera settings. You just take out your camera’s micro-SD card, plug it in the card reader and use all the options shown through your PC software. Controlling the cam settings through smartphone app is somehow more complex. One of the most common way is via WiFi and once it is connected, you can control the settings. One good news for those who are Apple fans, the manufacturer have upgraded this model application from that of BlackVue DR400 by supporting softwares for Apple smart phones and iOS version.

Good Supporting Video Recording Software instead

BlackVue has made a brilliant advancement for installing good app and software into this dash cam so that the MP4-formatted video files can be playbacked in any kind of computers or phones. Talking about recordings, I must agree that the camera also supports with outstanding video resolution when it can go FullHD for the front camera and HD Resolution for the rear one. What’s more, its quality is assuredly amazing for day and night time recording. The front camera has wide angle of view without many distortions and can record in Full HD 1080 at 30 frames per second so the picture like numbers in a license plate can been seen in a clearly and in details, and you can usually zoom in enough to read a license plate. The rear camera has more of a fish-eye perspective, well-functioning in the back. It only records at 720p, so there is noticeably less detail compared to the front. At night, the picture is not too over or underexposed. You can easily see what happening, and when we come to a stop, you can still read a license plate.

I also like how this front and rear dash cam camera can rotate up to 360 degree and record with up to 130 degree angle of view. It also has built-in microphone and a memory card that that has surprisingly high capacity space up to 128GB. In terms of recording modes, you are offered with various choices when you can choose to record the videos through various modes depending on the your situations: continuous recording while driving or motion detection recording while parking. Besides, this Blackvue model also has the updated techniques for dash cams such as Built-in GPS and G-sensor, Voice Guide that can give you clear instruction during your driveway.

Improvements in GPS and G-Sensor

I would like to give credits to its 2 cameras with GPS receivers that can mark well the time, date, location and your driving speed. There have been good improvements in their detail motion with the increased recording bitrate of the DR650. And its audio quality is good enough without too much disturbance from road noise.

Parking mode will automatically be on after five minutes of not moving. Once any motion is detected, it will start recording as a one minute video, either in the front or in the rear camera. BlackVue has been famous for adopting the accident prevention features earlier in their previous models. For instance, BlackVue DR380 or DR400 has already been equipped with G-force sensor, built-in GPS and different types of recording; hence, these features on BlackVue DR650 would work even better with more motion sensitivity and specific recording choices for you.

With its loop recording, it will record continuously and can store up to 8 hours of recording with 32 GB memory card. Heads-up for those who want to save your videos right away in case anything has just happened, you should copy the clips right away or lock it in your Cloud app that we have mentioned above. Even though this does not have a screen to review, it does have the Cloud app that can be connected to your smart phone through WiFi and all the data including GPS locations, videos will be directly sent to your phone. Its application serves the drivers well with all their functions and controls over the cameras. We can browse easily all the clips that have been recorded through dates, with all specific details like your speed, and position, under such conditions as normal, event or parking mode.

Some minor weak points

Of course, this BlackVue model does have some weak points. One of the issues is its wifi connection. Sometimes, we have issues in connecting wifi as the Cloud app will constant be on and off. One of the other thing to talk about is its pricy price. Honestly, it is offered at a relatively high price compared to other dash cams in the market. However, to consider all of its features, it is still a good bid for your dash cam purchase


There is a 1-year warranty offer from the manufacturer and you may see their contact detail from their website.

Verdictfront back blackvue dr650 dash cam review

Hardly could we find any dash cam for car that can be built with full of necessary and crucial features for drivers like us. Like Falcon Zero F360, it has 2 cameras or channels to record movements in the front and in the back. Despite the fact that there are no LED screens to review them, its well-functioning settings and performance can way outweigh this. Its high price may scare you off when you first search for it, but looking into details, you would be surprised of how beneficial it is being as your car dash cam.

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Ian - July 21, 2016

Sounds like an awesome dash cam, and it’s interesting how you have to change the settings prior to your journey. I’ve never used a dash cam before, but that sounds like it could be a con…but what do I know?

Thanks for the thorough review, I will keep this cam in mind if I ever purchase a dash cam.

    Alton - July 22, 2016

    Thanks for your comment! We hope you can find your favorite dash cam soon as of how useful it is.


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