Car gift ideas for him and for her

In most occasions, couples would find it ideal to give each other typical presents like chocolate, cake, flowers, etc. Have you ever wondered if your other half is actually a car lover who loves to drive a lot? Then, don’t be too stressed out because we have come up with the list of extraordinary items that your beloved one would totally love.

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For women:

License Plate:

lincense plate frame

Girls like dazzling items. Why not try out this high quality, water-proof and beautiful license plate frame? What’s more outstanding, it’s actually handmade with the best imported glue. It surely will add more bling-bling to your girlfriend’s car and make it stand out.

Rear Mirror decoration

rearview mirror

This sparkling butterfly rear mirror is another special idea to decorate her car. It is made of imported Austrian diamond that will help showcase a high-grade and brilliant car interior. Honestly, you may think it will be too distracting, but it does give a different and more exciting look to her rear mirror, especially when girls like stylish decoration items too much.

Car clothes hanger

clothes hanger

If she is the kind of girl who prefer handy things and who would bring a lot of clothes in her car to go to multiple places or in the road trip, this car clothes hanger would be perfect for her. It improves the hanging capacity but still leaves plenty of room for passengers in the back seat. It is definitely easy to install and durable.

Seat cover set

car seat cover set

Most of girls like pink, so let’s turn her car into the pinkish lovely one. Try out this seat cover set including 2 front bucket, 1 rear bench, and 4 headrest covers that can fit almost all seats in any kind of cars. The materials are made durable and comfortable with high quality fabric which is easy to clean and washable. This set surely renews her car with completely nicer seats.

Colorful Interior Decoration

car interior led light

Many girls want her car to be lit! So why don’t you try light up her car with this LED light set for car decoration. It is even more amazing when it comes with a remote controller. So you can turn on/off, change color, flashing pattern and even its speed. It will cause even less nuisances when it is easy to install with the double-side adhesive tap. Once you put the product configuration into the socket, it is ready to go! Let’s make her car more and more special every day!

Air freshener

air fresheners

No more ordinary air freshener because now, you can give her the more sparkling one that can be refilled any time. It will leave her car space with a great odor ever. And is she a Mickey Mouse lover? This can’t go wrong!

For men:

Wheel cover

wheel cover dashcamerportal

Men do drive a lot! And that is not comfortable at all to have a rough steering wheel. A steering wheel cover would be a perfect gift. This heavy duty leather steering cover is super smooth and durable which fits all 14.5-15 inch steering wheels. It is made of natural rubber with a nice grip that can give him more control while driving. And of course, there will be no heavy smell lingering even when his hands go wet.


Men like to carry around a lot of equipment and supplies. But you don’t want him to make any mess behind the trunk. This container can definitely help you do that. It is made from durable premium cardboard that can withstand wear and tear while being used. This organizer is 25.5''x13.5''x13''H and can hold up to 15 kg, equaling 33lb. And it has extremely sturdy handles, which is completely convenient for lifting, carrying around or pulling out of the car. It offers many useful side pockets for any smaller items so he won’t have to spend more time on finding anything.

Air freshener

It requires more fresh air in the car if he tends to spend much time on driving. This freshener can sterilize and purify the air inside the car. It is made of HEPA purification technology with smart chip that can filter PM 2.5 with high efficiency. Moreover, the high quality design makes it look more fashionable, smart and delicate.


If he always drives you around to new places, a navigator is another must-have item in the car. He would be thankful if you give him with this useful and stable navigator. It is definitely able to search millions of newly updated and complex places anywhere you go with Foursquare and Direct Access. With Garmin Real Directions, it will guide you with detailed landmarks and traffic lights.


speakers kenwood

Does he fall for loud music a lot? Or do you guys usually enjoy music together while sitting in his car. If you have adequate budget, this famous brand speaker set will totally an unforgettable gift he would ever have. It provides max power of 300 and RMS power of 30 with speaker. Its impedance is 4 oms while sensitivity is 92dB/W/M with frequency response of 35Hz-22kHz. It looks like a lot of technical numbers; however, it simply means that you can now listen to all-surround and live music in your car.

Headrest Coat Hanger

headrest coat hanger dashcameraportal

If he has a suit to carry around, this 5’ wide hanger can’t be missed. It surely gives a driver like him a wrinkle-free coat or jacket thanks to its ability to adjust. What’s more, the flexing and durable steel base has clips that can slide on and secure between the headrest posts. It can also make his ride more comfortable than ever.

Dash cam

If he is a careful driver and want to record everything around his car, a dash cam would be a refreshing gift idea. Give this dash cam a closer look as of how convenient and handy it is in giving a safer trip. It has super wide recording angle with FullHD to record videos both in the front and in the back. What’s more, some dash cams even support super Night Vision Mode which can provide you with super clear videos at night time. And most of them are compatible with good apps for Win or Mac devices


VicoVation Dash cam- Opia2

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