Common issues of dash cams

Dash Cam Reviews -It would be very frustrating to cope with any of the problems with your dash cam as below.

Devices are smart yet causes much headache to the users sometimes. Dashboard camera, including both front and rear is one of them. Watch out for these and see if you can find a solution for it.

Scratches during delivery

It would be annoying  when you first unpack a newly-bought product and see some sratches on it.

However, normally, when shipped, the camera will come with a thin protective film attached in both sides of the camera by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers actually remove it before shipping. Nevertheless, it would not a big problem for you and damage nothing to your camera.

All-of-a-sudden shut down after a while

The first and most common problem buyers usually discuss is how the car camcorder suddenly shuts down after they have used it for some time.

It could be because of the default settings in the dash cam that makes it automatically turn off. If it’s the case, it is completely fine. All you need to do is turn off a few functions like “Auto” and “Display”. However, personally, to turn Display off would save more energy for the camera if used the Internal Battery.

Something wrong with charging by USB/ car charger

USB charger dash cam

When something wrong happens during charging, the problem could be from the external device like the USB charger or the adaptor, and, in the worst case, the camera itself.

You should be careful on whether the device is connected properly or the charger lights on. Instead of charging by USB, you can charge your dash cam by the car adaptor. Some dash cameras like BlackVue DR650GW-2CH does not have buit-in battery, so you don’t need to charge it but plug in directly to the car charger outlet. To make sure, you can change to another charger or use the one with the right battery capacity in case the old one is just out of order.

If the issue comes from the camera itself, then, you should reset the camera because sometimes it cannot be well-connected to the outlet.

Not recording at all!

not record dash cam

What could go worse when a camera is unable to record anymore?

Simply,  the reason could be in your memory card. False memory card formatting makes it stop recording at any time. Some even give signs whether your camera has been full with recordings.

Many new dash cam models support with the Loop Recording Mode that will automatically overwrite the oldest videos and replace with the new ones. So, you don not need to spend a lot of times deleting all the old videos. Remember you lock the videos you want to keep in your camera. Of course, you can turn off this mode if you want to.

After all these problems, if these techniques cannot help your camera function well again, you need to reset your car camcorder back to the factory default setting. Some like Ausdom AD282 have a very distinct and easy-to-notice Reset button. Some others may gently a sharp thin stick to press and hold inside the Reset key.

AUSDOM AD282 dash cam review

AUSDOM AD282 Dash Camera

One last thing, always remember to keep the instruction manual of your dash cam in a safe place. It will be your ultimate guide for everything.

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Jewell - July 9, 2016

Love your tips.. Excellent site, it’s hard to choose a dashcam with so many choices online these days.
Is the instructional manual relatively easy to understand? I just want something simple to put in my car, I’m not too technical myself.

    Alton - July 9, 2016

    Yes, indeed Jewell. It would show you full details and steps to follow with the clear illustration. I believe you can understand it well!

Owain - July 9, 2016

Very clear information and advice given. A most interesting read.

Reyner - - July 10, 2016

nice post on the common issues on dashcams, this is the first time i heard of dashcams. Is the dashcam put inside our car and record everything throughout the journey? Might be very useful to track accident as a proof whether it is our fault

    Alton - July 11, 2016

    Thanks for your question, Reyner! Yes, once the dash cam is plugged into the car charger, some will automatically turn on and record constantly. Hope you’ll find it helpful.

Matt - July 10, 2016

This is a nice quick and dirty guide to fixing any issues with your dash cam. I just read on Facebook that a huge accident was caused on a highway in New Jersey because someone was playing the new Pokemon GO game while driving. This article is more important than ever!

    Alton - July 11, 2016

    Thanks for your comment, Matt! It is so terrible to hear about those serious accidents like that. And these dash cams can show everything that had happened in its playback videos.


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