Dash Cam Review: Vetomile V1- Best bang for the buck?

Tired of sifting through all those various dash cams which have one or the other feature missing? Looking for a better choice, something which incorporates all possible features? Or do you just want a good durable dash cam to last you a long time?

In short, are you as confused as I was 3 months ago? If yes, then read on.

I urgently wanted a dash cam. I had an accident and due to a sly inspector, could claim no insurance at all. Before, I had heard about dash cams from my other colleagues. However, honestly, I had never taken them seriously. After that incident, I know that it is time affording one of them, especially when buying a dash cam nowadays is just as easy as a piece of cake.

That could be a challenge as well when there were many choices but not even one great product. I’ve been introduced with several best front and rear dash cams like Falcon Zero F360, Rexing V1P but I think newbie users should try out some front dash cam first. Finally, I chanced upon the Vetomile V1 Dash Cam. And the price was surprisingly affordable with all the features I need.

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Dash Cam Reviews: Vetomile V1​

You think Vetomile V1 is big? Think again!

vetomile v1 inside he box

The package of this front dash cam was delivered with a 2.7 inch dashboard camera, a wire that is long enough to hide in your car, a car charger and an adhesive tape. When I first saw it online, I would expect it to be a bulky dash cam by its display image. However, I was really impressed by the convenient and slim size of the dash cam when I unboxed it. So, any car driver out there should not worry about how concealed it will be behind your rear-view mirror with this dash cam. The design was pretty unique and different from other dash cam where the buttons are only located on top of the screen. Personally, I prefer having menu buttons at the bottom or on the sides of the screen so that whenever I adjust any feature, my hands will not block the screen in one way or another.

Let’s start off with its benefits

vetomile v1 feature

Vetomile has brought to users like me with many significant benefits. Stay tuned with me to be wowed with their advanced features on this dash cam. Before starting into its good features, be relieved that you won’t have any trouble installing this dash cam as it is ready to use once it is plugged and turned on.

First and foremost, a dash cam needs to fulfill its basic objective well, which is the wide angle view. It must also be able to record all that is going on the road. V1's 170 degree lens made that possible for me. The view is amazingly wider and clearer than the one on Papago! GoSafe 535  that we have reviewed before. It captures almost everything: from the busy traffic to the bustling pavement. Also, it has a 2.7 inch reasonably large screen to continually beam the images to me.

We always look for the best image quality, right?

vetomile v1 function

Now you have got Vetomile V1. The recording is no use to me if I can't see it well. Bad images will also not strengthen my insurance claim. Hence, image quality was paramount. Luckily, I made sure Vetomile V1 fulfills this requirement pretty well. Firstly, it has a 1080p HD recording where images are definitely clear and sharp. They can even be played on larger screens. Secondly, the camera has an HDR or High-Dynamic-range imaging system. HDR reacts according to the target's distance from the camera. It changes the camera's lens so that the target always remains in focus. Lastly, V1 utilizes Novatek's NT96650 processor and Novatek's AR0330 sensor. This truly increases its image recording and image rendition capabilities. It ensures bright and sharp pictures even during the night.

How about its durability?

vetomile v1 lense

How good is a feature-rich dash cam if it lasts only 1 month? It has to live longer, especially when sometimes we unintentionally drop the dash cam in our car. V1's camera lens is made of 6 layers of glass which made it one of the most durable dash cams available in the market. What’s more, while purchasing the camera, I also made sure that it had 1 year of warranty along with it.

Next, V1 has great features in terms of memory management too. Loop Recording is defined as continuously recording without stopping and overwriting the old videos as set, according to Storm Highway. It can help organize the video library, when you set the loop recording of 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Any recording of any time can be identified and accessed much more simply. Even though this front dash cam V1 does not come with a memory card, it can easily manage 32 GB memory cards. I used a 16 GB memory card which worked fine too without any sudden corruption. Also, when required, it gradually removes the old videos to make space for new ones.

One of the other feature of Vetomile V1 is G Sensor. I did not think much of this feature when I first bought the V1. However, it turns out that I did underestimate it. G Sensor of this dash cam can easily and successfully detect accidents on its own. As such, I could rest assured that it will take care of recording all the critical moments.

Also, in case of an accident, G Sensor takes center stage. It saves all videos so as to prevent data corruption. Then, it locks them up, making sure they are tamper-proof.

What are the drawbacks?

However, that is not to say that I had no problems with the camera at all.

My only concern is the constant flashing blue light on the front at the bottom center. When I used it at the night time, it becomes so troublesome that it annoys my eyes pretty much every other second. Also, it is such a bother when I cannot possibly find any option to turn it off completely. So instead, I just covered it with a tape.

To wrap it up

As a long time reviewer, I must admit that I did take a risk while buying this dash cam because compared to price of other dash cams, I was skeptical that it can perform well. However, in my case, the risk has paid me back very well. If you are looking for a well-performing dash cam with low price, get your hands on V1 now.

Vetomile V1

Vetomile V1


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • Very durable with 6-layer glass lens
  • High Dynamic Range
  • 170 Wide Angle Lens
  • G Sensor


  • Non-stop Flashing Blue Light on The Front
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