9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Dual Save
  • Super Wide Recording Angle
  • FullHD for front and rear camera
  • Super Night Vision Mode
  • Good apps for Win/Mac devices


  • No LCD screen
  • Not very compact size

THINKWARE F770- All the updated compact features in 1 dash cam

dash cam thinkware f770 front If you have experienced in using dash cams, the term front and rear dash cam would also ring a bell to you as it has been more and more popular to keep your car safe in both ways. As we have reviewed such 2 most outstanding duo dash cams as Falcon Zero F360, BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, today we would like to introduce another best offer currently in the market- a useful and well-functional THINKWARE F770. And I would agree that THINKWARE has made such a big innovation on its latest model- F770 in terms of design, recording, and driving safety.

Too big as a dash cam?

dash cam thinkware f770 rear

I was too impressed by how it was packaged with a well and carefully manufactured box. When I held it in my hand, the first thing that came to my mind was that it is not a very compact size. Compared to BlackVue DR650GW, THINKWARE F770 has dimensions of up to 5.2 x 5.1 x 4.6 inches. However, it has been an advancement for this THINKWARE model as it looks less bright color and more appealing than its previous model, a plus point I should admit. Also, compared to the poor and small design of F750, with a look like a regular recorder, the buttons of F770 are also made bigger and easier to maneuver. Especially when you need to have the emergency recording, you can approach the button easily.

It also comes with handful of buttons around the dashboard camera. On the top are the camera lens while the bottom are the memory card slot and the microphone. On the right hand side close to the camera lens is V-in socket and on the other hand side is the Reset hole. You can easily find the other buttons up front such as Rec button, Voice Recording Button, WiFi connector Button, and so on. Another design flaw is that there are only 2 LEDs for GPS and WiFi connection, so it does not tell you what kind of recordings it currently is no matter what features are activated.

The WiFi and GPS connection can be turned on for you to quickly change settings, format your memory cards and view video playbacks from your smart phones.

Together with the box and 2 cameras are a lot of useful accessories that hardly have I found in any other car video recorders: the adhesive mounting tape, the 12V cigarette adapter, cable mounting clips, micro SD Card Reader with up to 128GB memory space, and last but not least, a never missing quick start guide or instruction manual. The mount is different from F750 because it’s flatter yet enough to hook in the camera and easily stick it on the windscreen.

dash cam thinkware F770 INFO

No better video quality than this!

Basically, this dash cam for car can record under 3 modes: off, continous and parking. Both of the cameras will work continuously if you charge them in 12V socket. In terms of video resolution, it would be typical if a dash cam can record videos at fullHD 1080P.

But it is not easy to find equally best resolution quality for both cameras as with THINKWARE F770, the optional rear camera can make recordings at 1080P FullHD as well and the recordings will be all crystal clear and smooth with 30 frames per second.

I can see that compared to F750, its night time recording has partially improved and I must say thanks to an upgradation of Super Night Vision Mode and the the excellent dynamic range of the Sony 1/2.9″ CMOS sensor.

Super wide recording angle with high heat endurabilitythinkware f770 dash cam

Among the other dash cam reviews, I think that this dash cam for car offers the widest viewing angle that can go up to 140°. Moreover, the F770 dash cam supports with a capacitor based power supply and make sure that it can perform well under any condition or no matter how much the temperature is.����Explicitly, I let the dash cam stay inside my car under the temperature of 100°F and it is still working well afterwards.

Besides, memory space of the dash cam is somehow similar to that of others, which can take up to 64GB,except for the fact that it has a built-in memory backup space that can save files both internally and on the micro SD card.

Moreoever, good news for iOS and Mac fans, this car video recorder has good support for your devices like the supporting app and compatible cards with Mac OS computers.

Drive and make your car safer with THINKWARE F770!

THINKWARE F770 enables the motion detection in Parking Mode before and after 10 seconds when it inspects any motion around the vehicles. Also, a time lapse mode is also available to take videos at 1 frame per second. And I believe that this mode stands out because I have tried to take pictures from license plates in front and they were super clear. However, you should notice that a time lapse mode only works in Parking Mode. Furthermore, F770 dash cam also has speed and red light camera alerts, and other highly developed driver safety technologies like Transcend DrivePro 220 to increase safety and security for users, specifically Forward Collision, Lane Departure, and Front Vehicle Departure Warning System.


It goes with 1 year warranty from THINKWARE and you need to contact the manufacturer for more details.


So far as I have reviews a few dash cams, I believe that this one stays among the best quality with various number of useful features- the best front and rear dash cam. One of the most impressive features is its super great video quality that both can go up to FullHD 1080px and I can easily read every single number on license plate both in front and in rear. Its recording angle is surprisingly 140° wide with dual save ability and advanced video clear technology. I cannot give it any minus point from its design, ability to record and enhancement in safety technology. It was such an amazing experience with THINKWARE F770 and I believe it won’t let you down either!

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Kevin Bulmer - July 27, 2016

Another terrific article from you! I never even consider the aspect of the heat a dash cam would have to endure. But of course it would.

The motion detection and time lapse mode are features I’d never have thought of either. Cool stuff!

George - July 27, 2016

Great news for the security conscious, like me. I have a pickup truck and would love to have front and rear video for security. Very informative and inspiring – inspiring me to go out and get one. Thanks for the info and access to these terrific products.

Pete - July 27, 2016

Great review. I’m not actually familiar with dash cams at all. I have of course heard of them but I didn’t realize they were a big enough thing for regular consumers to want them unless they came with the car already. I do like the features of this one, although the size does seem slightly large, but if it’s good for safety it may be worth the size. Thanks for the great info!

Matt - July 28, 2016

Nice article. You outlined a lot of details about the dash cam that I haven’t even considered – Like the heat. My phone doesn’t even work when left inside a 100+F car I can’t imagine a dashcam working either! Does the cold also hurt the dashcam? I heard the cold isn’t good for your phone – I would only imagine it to be the same for the dash cam.

Austin - July 28, 2016

This is a great review! You’ve done a lot of research into this, and I can feel the passion that you have on this dash cam. Learned some new things here today, thank you so much for sharing!

    Alton - July 29, 2016

    I’m glad that you can find it helpful and interesting. And it’s exactly how I feel right now, to share what I like about dash cams and the necessity of them here on my website.


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