VicoVation Opia2

Looking for the front dash cam that can record over 1440kps- the highest photo quality in the car camcorder world? You can’t go wrong with VicoVation Opia2.

Getting impressed even by the package itself


When the package first arrived, it wowed me with how deluxe it looks. It really shows that they really put much time and effort on designing the package because it does look like a premium pack as what it’s labeled outside the box. What’s more, the box simply gives you full information of what’s inside the package, what additional goodies you can get from the manufacturer to support better recording, and what the most outstanding features the dash cam offers.

Basically, inside the package are the items below:

vicovation opia2 dashcam left
vicovation opia2 dashcam right

The utmost item, of course, is the dash cam Opia2. For me, it has a very simple but compact design with 2 inch LCD display. Together with the screen are the five basic buttons. As you can see in the picture, buttons from left to right are Return, OK, Up, Down and Power button. It’s really straight-forward to maneuver so you may not have any hard time in adjusting the dash cam. It fits nicely in my palm, and definitely it will not block your view in front when you hang it on next to your rear view mirror. The light green color looks elegant but kind of appealing if looking from outside the car. But it is not a big deal when you can use the Quick Release mount to cover it, which is also included in the package. On the right hand side are the USB Power Port and GPS socket Port while on the left hand is the MicroSD Card Slot.

The next thing is the suction cup mount. This is actually so brilliant in the way that you can not only rotate 360 degree around the mount, but you can also attach the other release mount. There are 3 benefits for having the release mount. First, you can easily plug in the dash cam, which is one of my top favorite moments because I always find it hard to press the camera into the holder of the mount. Secondly, it gives the dash cam the better protection in case the camera may fall by accident. Last but not least, you can attach the CPL filter which can perfectly reduce the reflection from your car windshield.


Just in case you are not sure on how to put all of the fancy things above together, take a look at my picture below for the step by step instruction.

dashcam step to attach mount

The other typical item in every dash cam set is the power cable. It is 4-meter (13ft) long, so it is simply like power cable from other brands with extremely long wire.

The manufacturer also gives you the second option to mount your dash cam, which is the 3M Adhesive Windscreen Mount. Many people may prefer the Adhesive Windscreen Mount because it can guarantee the non-vibration for dash cam so that you will have a stable recorded video.

For those of you who are not familiar with using a dash cam, you can wipe away your sweat because the instruction manual inside the box is extremely handy and user-friendly. They simply gives you full guide from hanging and adjusting the dash cam, to how to use all the menu settings easily.

Few essential awareness of the memory card

Micro SD Card is what you should be mindful of when using your dash cam. VicoVation actually gives you some top recommended and also the most popular brands for Micro SD Card, which are SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend. They even give you a clear detail on the storage capacity depending on which image quality you would like to record, ranging from 1080p to 1440p. It is necessary that you should follow carefully some heads-ups the manufacturer gives you in terms of memory card. Some of the most advanced notice for your memory card can be monthly formatting, new card replacement, and avoidance to direct sunlight exposure, and so on.

Turn on your dash cam!

There is not much to say about how to control it when it is already easy and simple to use. With the 13ft cable wire, you can easily hide it under the passenger’s car visor. Once you get your memory card ready and plug in the power cable into your car cigarette socket, the camera will automatically turn on. You will need to adjust the Date, Time, and even Format Settings once pressing the OK/ Start button. The dash cam also clarifies the detailed functions of those buttons once recording with the display icons right above them. For instance, the Return button can be the Emergency Recording Button when you need to record anything prevailing in front. The light on top of the screen will show you exactly if the dash cam is working or not. The light is red when it is recording and green when it is standby. It also red flashes when the memory card is missing or plugged incorrectly. There is a heads-up here that when I press the button to go back to menu while it is recording, I need to wait for about 1-2 seconds for it to work.

The best image quality ever…

vicovation opia2 dash cam-day recording

Day Recording

vicovation opia-2 dash cam-night recording

Night recording

Undoubtedly, image quality is the most outstanding feature I’ve found for Opia2. Every time I reviewed on the new dash cam, just a slight better image quality makes it successfully win over the previous one. However, this time I have to say, VicoVation Opia2 is actually the only dash cam (or hardly can you find the second one) that is able to support such high image quality like this. Its highest video resolution reaches up to 1440p with the frame rate up to 60fps. Amazing numbers! It is what we drivers wish for when we want to save the vivid photo of the car’s license plate in front. Just imagine how useful this could be when you unfortunately experience hit and run! What’s more, I was also amazed by how wide the camera lens can cover. Everything at the corner of the photos is very noticeable.

The extra accessory of CPL filter or polarizer provided by VicoVation is the perfect supplement to improve the image quality even more. Or you can still use some other similar 52MM Lens Filter available in the market. Basically, you will need to install it into the Quick Release Mount and adjust the filter angle to best avoid the sunlight exposure to your recordings. However, be mindful that at the night time, you will need to take it out or turn on the Night Time recording because it will literally make the recorded videos darker.

VicoVation CPL Filter

Is what's missing a really big thing?

Of course, there are some lacking for this VicoVation Opia2. However, personally, it does not matter for me that much. There is no internal battery in this dash cam, meaning that you cannot use it without plugging it into the power socket. However, it is not really beneficial to your dash cam because it can be easily worn out due to constantly charging and discharging. Besides, one minus point for this dash cam is no Wifi connected with the phone for viewing your playbacks. Of course, you can still watch your recorded videos through dash cam's screen display,  but being able to watch the playbacks in your phone would be a great idea too. Moreover, if you would like to try out its safety warning system or GPS tracking like other front dash cam (Transcend DrivePro 220) or 2-channel dash cam (BlackVue DR650GW-2CH), you need to use other accessories to support these functions . I also had a chance to experience their GPS Mouse and Power Plus and admit that it's worth trying for your dash cam. 


The 1-year warranty for the dash cam and 6-month warranty for accessories is included in the premium package. You will need to contact the manufacturer for more details.


After several updates, I believe that VicoVation Opia2 is indeed a big hit in the front dash cam world. You may feel reluctant when spending that much money on a dash cam, but it is the truly trustworthy and outstanding dashboard camera when it gives you the best image quality ever and supports you with a lot of useful features to better your car safety and avoid any possible issue such as mal-operation due to over temperature, incorrect GPS tracking, etc.

I would like to say thanks to VicoVation for the chance of being among the first reviewers of this awesome dash cam!

VicoVation Opia2

VicoVation Opia2


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


9.5 /10


  • Compact size
  • Loop Recording
  • Easy to set up
  • Best quality image with 1440kp resolution
  • Wide recording
  • Smart Parking Surveillance
  • Safety Warning System (Lane Departure Warning, Speed Alarm, etc.)


  • High price
  • No built-in GPS
  • No internal battery
  • No Wifi connected
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James Francis Donaghy - December 3, 2016

Great, detailed information provided. You made clear and concise comments, easily read and understood, even for someone like me.
Continued success.

Furkan - December 3, 2016

Hi Opia2 looks great and I want to find out that if it is suitable for workout training pics and I sometimes workout at outside as well, would it have the quality of indoor images?

Buny - December 4, 2016

hii,Nice review of the dashcam,the one we use with our car is very old fashioned and doesn’t work well.the camera also is not that high quality and it lags every time.I’ve been looking lately to get one for our car and my bike.
can it be used for a bike? if not,which one do you suggest for a bike?


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