Falcon Zero F360

Falcon Zero F360

Falcon Zero F360


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


  • Easy to set up, no need for any savvy dash cam use skills
  • Wide view recording
  • 2 cameras recording in the front and the back
  • High resolution videos


  • Hard-to-control menu buttons
  • Whitewashed photos when exposed too much to the light

Closeup Falcon360 dash cam reviewDash Cam Reviews – Falcon Zero F360 is the low price dash cam for dual view!

Are you someone who wants to own a dashboard camera but are afraid that it may block the view on the rear view mirror? Do you wish to observe what happens not only in the front but also in the back at the same time? Then, Falcon Zero F360 would be the best choice ever since it is a dual camera that also functions as a real mirror in your car. Besides these two most outstanding good points, here are more reasons why you want to get one of this for your car.

An out-of-the-box design

Accessories Falcon360 dash cam review

Never have I thought that mirror-like dash cam could be invented. That’s why I’m more than eager to give this dash cam review. Falcon 360 HD is a 3.5-inch LCD screen with a weight of 11.oz that can give a preview of what is being recorded directly on screen. What’s more, it serves as an actual mirror with a wider view and a playback for videos and pictures. I should give an applause to whoever came up with this idea, that can save spots in the front windshield and make it become an essential part of your car. When using camera, LCD panel would appear right in the middle with 2 screens.

My next plus points is given for its user-friendliness. Not only is it very light-weight but is is also easy to set up, as it does not need any excessive tools to install, while all you need to do is just hook it underneath your old mirror. It comes with clamps and wire management clips, if needed, to install the dash cam into your car with clear pictures of instruction outside the box. In the back, those are adjustable clamps that can fit in any size of rear mirror. Together with the cam is the power cord, power cable, and a authentic 32 GB SD Cards. There are 5 basic buttons including: Up & Down, Menu/Rec, On & Off, and Mode. Next to the control buttons are the 2 cameras: front-facing and rear-facing. On the side are the HDMI port and USB slot. With HDMI 1.3, you can only plug the cam into any HDMI ready TV and view your footage or pictures on the big screen.


Left Falcon360 dash cam review

How it works

You will find it simple to maneuver as well, when F360 HD will automatically be switched on once your car engine is ignited, and off once you turn off your car. Once you plug it in the adapter with the supplied power cable, it will automatically turn on and start recording. There would be a green light flashing to give you a notice. You can simply press the Menu/Rec button to stop this default recording. Besides, this button also serves as the Enter key for most of the functions you try to use. Basically, there is a built-in battery that you can use to captures videos cordlessly. However, for a long trip recording, you can charge it while connected to the car lighter adapter or plugging to a regular charger through mini USB cable.

Ultra Wide View: once in a while amongst other dash cams

One of the features that I like the most is its ability to record ultra wide view. Normally, other dash cams can record up to only 130 degree wide. However, for Falcon Zero F360, it is a different story. Whereas most of other dash cams that we have reviewed so far have only 1 front-facing camera except BlackVue Dr650GW-2CH, this F360 has 2 that can see every where around your car’s surroundings and can both rotate 180 degrees. With two cameras functioning, your footage view can reach up to 240 degree width and you can easily adjust the range as you wish. So, don’t worry if you miss any single spot or angle of incident around your car while driving on the street. Or you can still choose to record through 1 or 2 cameras.

Great Video Resolution

The video resolution and quality are what makes it stand out as well. With the video resolution of 1080p, the users can view high quality pictures on the driveways with clear details. Moreover, it supports both day and night vision recordings; so, it is a great deal with such a competitive price for those who want to capture clear images during their travel. Heads-up for those who use 2 cameras simultaneously is that its resolution will reach to 720p for both, but the recorded videos are still considerably clear. Like most of modern dash cams, it has the loop recording function that can overwrite the old videos when the memory is almost full.
Moreover, together with standard video recording, you can take immediate pictures and play back stored videos or photos right on screen, so you do not need to wait until going back home to see what just happened. These are the functions that you can hardly find in any other dash cams.

Recording at night: No big deal

In terms of the Night Vision, the night mode is available to support recording in dark areas or night time and capture details seen at night. To turn on the LEDs around the camera lens for this function, in standby mode, you will need to long press the Mode button. Even though the photos captured when this mode is on are not as clear as the Day Vision, it is still appreciable with what the device supports to give enough brightness for the dark recordings.

It also supports the users with Loop Recording. Whoever has used dash cam before would notice how important Loop recording is when your memory card space is full.

Hence, in this dashboard camera, you can decide to record either 3, 5, or 10 minute or even continuously. Like most other dash cams, the camera supports with the loop recording, meaning that you can capture the latest videos with available memory space in SD card.

I also like the fact that its internal battery can last up to an hour, which, I believe, is still better than other dash cams for the time of only more than half an hour; so, sometimes, you don’t need to worry about the cable all over your car cabin.

Nothing is perfect!

Of course, it is not a “perfecto” dash cam and there would be some other parts that it needs improving. First of all, the buttons that we mentioned above are sometimes not that easy to maneuver. However, once you have a clear instruction, you can master that and control whatever function as you desire. For this, we also go over the constructions in details on our website for those of you who have bought this camera. Another drawback is that sometimes, when the camera is too exposed to the light, it will be lightly whitewashed and the mirror itself can sometimes be dimmer than the regular one.

Willingness in��customer service

It comes with up to 5 year warranty that will give you full support ( except for accessories for only 6 months) from the manufacturer. If you care about its customer service, there is a 1-year warranty with a great support. One of my friend who has currently used it used to have a defective power cable when the product first arrived. By contacting with the manufacturer through their website, they quickly responded to her request and sent her the completely new usable one.

Box Falcon360 dash cam reviewVerdict

If you are fed up with installing your dash cams using wires, clips or suction cups, Falcon F360 would help you overcome this frustration. All you need to do is hook it up onto your current rear-view mirror through its stamps behind the camera. What makes you more satisfied once having it is that it has 2 cameras to record everywhere around your car and its high video resolution to watch things in details?

Have you ever heard of dash cam with touch screen? Falcon has made a new innovative move by producing the brand new touch screen dash cam called Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam. If you’re new to this, we have made thorough review on how it works as a front dash cam.

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