Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam

As time has gone by, more and more advanced dash cams have been invented. One of them, I have to say, that has been the pioneer in touch screen dash cam is Falcon Zero Touch PRO Dash Cam.

The needs for having a dash cam have been increasing since accidents are commonplace now. It can typically help us prevent some wrongdoings whenever we get into any car crash. What’s more, it can also help you convince people how good a driver you are as some companies are always on the lookout for great drivers. Just imagine that a car crashes into you.

You may think, as we all now own a smart phone, do we have any “smart” dash cam? The answer is yes. One dash cam which comes highly recommended is the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam. Let’s take at a closer look to this dash cam.

Falcon Zero Touch Screen Dash Cam- a flop or a hit?

Falcon Zero Touch Screen is a perfectly refreshing design

It is conveniently all ready to use by the time I unboxed it. I could say that I was completely impressed on the design of this dash cam. I can say it is the most innovative design among the best front dash cams. It also has such a simple but sleek design that fits well in your pocket as well. It fits perfectly in your with 6-glass lenses that can utilize the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Technology with Full HD 1080p Hi-Definition. I agree that many of other dash cams in the market nowadays are supported with FULL HD 1080p like Papago! GoSafe 535, but I am totally satisfied by how high quality the recorded videos are no matter how light or dark the outside environment is. Thanks to its high technology and premium lenses, it definitely provides me with a clear footage that I want to capture. What’s more, it is also equipped with a 3.0 MP CMOS sensor to guarantee the superior clarity. It is a 4-inch responsive and intuitive touch screen that can enable you to navigate the free way in front though the menus and support you with reviewing the footage clearly.

The menu buttons, or screen icons, are also simple and accessible to the users. On the screen menu, once turned on, it will record automatically. There is a recording button in the middle of the right side, so you can turn on and off if you want. On the left side, there are 4 main icons, which are HOME Icon, AUDIO Icon button that you can turn on and off whenever you want to record or not the voice inside the car, and SOS Icon. What’s special about this is that once you press the button, it will move the file to another different folder that you can retrieve it later and you will not lose the file. The Settings icon at the very bottom of the left side is where you can maneuver how the video is recorded such as Video Resolution, Loop Recording, Date Stamp, etc.

Of course, like other dash cams, Falcon Zero Touch HD also needs power to turn on. What I like about this is that there is a separate docking station where GPS and Power cord are readily plugged in and all we need to do is hook the dashboard camera into the station. They also provide us with 2 docking stations which help us avoid any nuisance of moving the whole station when changing cars.

falcon zero touch lens

What technology is supported in Falcon Zero Touch HD?

Apart from those advanced technology development, the dash cam is also supported with 24/7 Surveillance, Intelli-Batt Anti Battery Drain Technology, GPS For GEO-TAGGING, etc. The 24/7 Surveillance can make the dash cam be constantly recording within the clock recording, while the Anti Battery Drain Technology can prevent the dash cam from running out of battery easily. What’s interesting about GPS for GEO-TAGGING is that it will let you see the mileage and your travel even on Google Maps, how fast you go and how the weather is for the trip day. This is somewhat similar to other dash cams like Transcend DP 220, Garmin 20, etc. when there is GPS enabled in those cameras. And it is compatible with 64 GB micro SD card, microUSB power port, and the USB car charger.

What are the pros of Falcon Zero Touch PRO?

Like I mentioned above, we can use the dash cam in multiple cars or set up in the front and the back, as there are 2 docking places. Moreover, mounting the dash cam is so much easy too. Another plus is that it gives us an HD definition video quality which enables a clearer view of what will go on. If you are suspicious of something and would like to record that, we would like to record something in front. But you are not satisfied. Why? You would like to record that thing day and night. There are very few cameras that come equipped with so much of battery power. The Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam is one of those cameras that have this power. There is so much equipment in this dash cam that the user can record anything anywhere. The battery is a major concern every time, but certainly it is not the case for this dash cam. Even if I was lost somewhere, I would not be worried about it as I could easily turn on GPS whenever I start my trip. I could, of course, see where you can go on Google Maps.

Most of the times, a lot of gadgets with advanced technologies are not user-friendly. We are concerned that we need to fumble with them a lot before understanding their functions. This problem can be solved with a Touch Screen, as it is pretty easy to use. Getting one’s head around it is fairly simple. On many occasions if the dash cam falls, there tend to leave scratches. This dash cam is very sturdy as there will not be a scratch thanks to its strong glass material.

What are the drawbacks of Falcon Zero Touch?

I could sadly say that it is not hot-durable, especially when the temperature reaches up to 115 degree F. This somehow caused the panel to get damaged. And sometimes, it took me a while to get it started. However, these are just some little minus points compared to the much bigger pluses as mentioned above.

To sum up,

Falcon Zero Touch Screen is among one of the most accessible and well-designed best front dash cams as it is very handy, user-friendly and high-tech. It has the latest technologies like GPS-GEO TAGGING, Anti Battery Drain Technology, etc. There are only a few cons for this dash cam which definitely cannot put you off easily. On the whole, the Falcon Zero Touch PRO HD Dash Cam could definitely serve you well. 

You can contact Falcon Zero for more details. 

In the marketplace, not only the best front dash cams are offered but also the best front and rear dash cams have been widely known. You can find the other best front and rear dash cam of Falcon Brand, typically Falcon Zero F360.

Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam

Falcon Zero Touch HD Dash Cam


9.8 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Loop Recording
  • Wide Dynaric Range
  • Motion Sensor
  • Wide angle lens up to 170 degrees
  • High quality image


  • Heat indurability
  • Pretty long start time
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