Garmin 20

Garmin Dash cam 20

Garmin Dash cam 20


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • Reliability from the reputative manufacturer
  • GPS and G-sensor-enabled
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Reasonable price


  • A need of an adapter for simultaneous sat-nav powering
  • No Mac OS version of personal computer Tools program

closeup garmin20 dash cam reviewDash Cam Reviews -Garmin 20 is one of the best affordable Garmin dash cam offer.

Are you interested in buying one of the famous Garmin dash cams? Then, Garmin Dash Cam 20 would be the best choice as it is ranked among the top of the Garmin’s camcorders. We have experienced using this model for our cars and would like to give you some fair look of it in details.

A too simple design?

I would say that when I first held this dash cam in my hand, it didn’t really give me strong impression on its design and its material. We can realize that this is a very typical Garmin product design compared to their GPS devices. However, I would agree that in an aspect of its design, the size of the dash cam is considerably well-fit and not distracting to your front view at all.

This Garmin dash cam model has a 2.3 inches LCD screen. The camcorder comes with a suction cup that can be mounted to the windshield but not on the car dashboard. On the right side of the dash cam is the small USB port that you can plug in the car power connector for charging. There is also a built-in battery; however, keep in mind that in some cases, where one wants to run a sat-nav simultaneously, it will require a dual socket adapter in the car. On the left side, there is a power button as well as a slot for the 4 GB Micro SD included in the package.

left garmin20 dash cam reviewright garmin20 dash cam review

How it works

center garmin20 dash cam review

The Dash Cam has been set default to start recording automatically once its power is on. This feature makes it easy to use and more user-friendly. You can easily install the dash cam into your car, and it will commence the recording process just when the car ignition is switched on and its charging cable is plugged into the cigarette-lighter power socket.

Garmin Dash Cam 20 also comes with its own computer tool program which enables the users to check the video details while watching them. You would see a map at the right corner showing the route of your trip.

Despite the fact that the dash cam is basically an automated device, there are buttons that provide access to some other important features for navigating and scrolling the menus. The far left hand button enables one to manually detect an incident. This ensures that the current file video is well-secured. The right hand button enables the users to take a snapshot as well.

Lastly, there is a button inside that gives access to the setting menu, where you can alter video settings, decide whether to record the video alongside with the audio and utilize many other options.

Superior video resolution and quality

In terms of video resolution, the model supports 1080 pixels, 720 pixels or WVGA video. The highest video quality is set at 1920 x 1080 at thirty frames per second and a quit decent 9 Mbits per second data rate. The available memory space will be more than enough for a 1-hour footage. Video recording is done in the AVI format, encoded with MPEG 4 avc/H.264 that helps to provide a more artifact-free image. Despite its simple design, I would give a plus point for its superb video quality and resolution.

With the supported video quality up to 1080 pixels, the dash cam provides with the best and clearest pictures for your recording. Reading license plates from cars ahead or even seeing the headlights clearly through the camera will not be a problem for you.

Important dash cam functions

The device does not capture images altogether in one big file; instead, smaller size of 255 MB files are made, and when the video memory space gets filled up, the older files will be overwritten. Thus, this continuous loop recording is more efficient to the users. In case of an incident, one can stop the recording and save the audiovisual record that they want.

Built-in GPS: A must-have

It doesn’t mean that every dash cam should support with GPS. What I mean, is that this device is manufactured by Garmin and we all must know who they are, being as the most well-known producer in navigation devices in the US. So they would know how to go good for their dash cam products by enabling GPS. The Dash Cam 20 enhances the use of its built-in GPS by specifying the time, date, and location as well as speed details for the recording. These details are permanently superimposed at the left hand corner of the recording, with an impressive legal tamper-proof status. The AVI recorded files can later on be imported into any software that can support its format.

Enabled Motion Detection: Protect yourself

There is also a G-sensor to give the users incident-based detection and collect any chance of slight moving objects when a collision takes place. Files that contain any evidence of accidents can be set as protected; hence, they will not be auto-overwritten like others. This useful features will give you solid proofs for any incidents during your driving trip.

Missing pieces

There are some minor disadvantages that this Garmin dash cam needs to improve. One of those could be the “not-so-available” for Mac users. What I mean is, if you want to open the video in Mac, you need to convert the videos as videos are recorded in AVI format, supported by Microsoft only. However, this is not a big deal as you can download online the converting program and then, it will work as perfectly as in other computers. Another minus point for this product is that it can easily overheat when exposed too much to the sun. However, you can prevent this by using the sunlight reflective surfaces.


There is a 1 year limited warranty for this product if you need any service support from the manufacturer. The product is from a very well-known manufacturer of electronics in USA; hence, you can get a quick response and full support from them. Their website also offers free download app for the dash cam to use on your computer.


overall garmin20 dash cam review

If you are concerned about the rise in collision and insurance claims, Garmin Dash Cam 20 can indeed provide you with a better solution at approximately $180 as it is G-sensor enabled. Although the price of this model is more than some other dash cams available in the market, it would still be one of the most useful and effective choices for the buyers taking all of its benefits into consideration.

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Kevin Bulmer - July 24, 2016

Great review! I’ve always kind of wondered what these cameras were all about. This is really helpful, and I appreciate the way you’ve structured the article – really easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. Keep up the great work!
All the best,

    Alton - July 25, 2016

    Thanks so much for your compliment! we tried to make it simple and easy to others and we’re glad you’ve found it helpful and interesting.

Shelley Whitmore - July 26, 2016

Wow great site and great information. You are very knowledgeable and I love how your website is set up. Its easy on the eye and draws in the readers. Nice job! -Shelley

    Alton - July 27, 2016

    Thanks for your compliment! I wanted to make it simple and easy for others to approach details of dash cams.

Marcus - July 26, 2016

This was an amazing review. Now I feel like I know everything to go and get myself one. I have been thinking about getting a dash cam for a long time because I just got screwed in an insurance claim.

Really cool that there is an GPS as well because then I don’t need to get one of those. What do you mean when you say that files with evidence of collision are protected? Most that they don’t get auto deleted or are they encrypted in any way?

    Alton - July 27, 2016

    Thanks for your good question. In the menu settings, there is a feature that can lock your files so that it will not be overwritten by Loop Recording, another feature that deletes files automatically when the memory card is full.

Matt - July 27, 2016

Hey Alton quick question. I’ve never actually heard or seen anyone with a dash board camera before. What is the purpose? Is it to only detect accidents or is it used for other things?

    Alton - July 27, 2016

    Thanks for your question. Dash cam brings more good benefits than just detecting accidents. It can be used to record whatever happens during your trip. And honestly, sometimes I use it as a camera because of its compact size and high video resolution.


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