How to Get Through Traffic on Rainy Days

How to get to work on time under the rain/ bad weather

Have you got sick of driving through the rain?

Lately the weather everywhere in the world has been wild and weird. I’m currently living in California and it rains almost every weekend. Even though raining is what Californians have been asking for, I have to admit that too much rain may cause a lot of hassles. First and foremost, the traffic is always much worse than usual. Some may go through some accidents when the traffic is worse. It would be a hassle when many of us are rushed to work. If you want to record what is happening outside your car, you can try having a front and rear dash cam. And if we’re not well-prepared for it, we will somehow get late for work. Moreover, it is definitely not a good thing for anyone who always has early meeting. Here is what I usually do before heading to work and it works all the time.


Go to work earlier

on time dcp

Everyone must get extremely freaked out whenever they hear about rush hours every single day. However, going on rainy days is definitely more horrid. It sometimes takes me hours to get to the workplace. So, I decide to drive out of my home earlier so that none of these nuisances would happen.

Pick the right way

405 neontommy dcp

Have you been through times when you’re stuck on the freeway? How frustrated it is!

Those who go on freeway 5 or 405 can’t agree with me more on this. Another problem of picking the wrong way is when you get through flooding areas. This greatly damages your car and it takes a lot of time to overcome this situation. You possibly know which road is frequently flooded, so it is very useful to find some other route.

Luckily, now we have GPS and Google Map which do offer us several other options to shorten your driving time and we can choose the best option among them.

Reading media

reading newspapers dcp

Every morning, before going to work, we need to take care of many other things including feeding our child, getting prepared, cooking. So, we barely have time to read newspapers, surf the social networks, or watch TV. However, on rainy days, when the road is flooded, spending 5-10 minutes on updating traffic news is very essential. You can still listen to radio while driving.

But wait, wouldn’t it be too late to do it if you’re about to get into the packed street?

Stay away from flooded or traffic map “Red” areas 

flooded area dcp

Like I mentioned above, you should be familiar with these areas once you have experienced going through them before after every rainfall. Or, you can hear about the areas through friends or acquaintances as they possibly have faced the same issue before.

And it is not worth giving it the third or fourth try. It is no use going on the same way hoping it will get better the next time.

Call a cab or take a bus

go by bus dashcameraportal

If it is not severely flooding, take Uber or a bus. You may find it ridiculous but let me explain. This could be a more optimal solution for you not to get drenched if it’s hard for you to find a parking lot close to your workplace. What’s more, if your house is not that far from where you work and it takes less time to go by bus, then why not?

So these are my tips in getting through traffic during bad weather. If you find it useful, don’t hesitate to share it. And I think it would be great to have some front and rear dash cams in your car to have a clear recording outside. Or if I miss any of your tips, let me know also. I would love to hear it from you. Have a nice rest of your day!

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