How to hide your dashcam’s wires

Dash Cam Reviews – Here are the few steps together with tips we have used to set up the wires inside the car.

You have just got your best both front and rear dash cam ever that you feel proud of, but got frustrated by struggling to hang it in your car? Or getting rid of those dangling wires? No more worries.

What you need to have:
the long cable wires (a certain thing to have), wire clips (sometimes included in the kits or the package of your dash cam), and a tape ( absolutely cheap and helpful for invisible spots like the one underneath the car dashboard).transcend dp220 dash cam cable tape wireclipsTo be more illustrative, the wire is shown as in the picture:

how to hide your dash cam wire 2

How to hide your Falcon Zero F360 Dash Cam in your car. Click here for full review.

Step 1: Plug in your cable

dash cam blackvue dr650

Plug in the power connector in the marked circle slot for Blackvue Dr650GW.

Of course, you need to plug the cable into your dash cam to start recording. Fix your dash cam in the area around your rear-view mirror so that it will not block your view. Some will be mounted with the suction cup, some will be adhesive.

Note: Some peoplpe may even want to fix the cord around the rearview area. There are some specific cases:

  • Good news for some new vehicles, as there is a cover designed around the car-rear mirror where you possibly hide the cable behind.
  • On the older models, this is when you need to use tape to attach the wire into the nearest spot to the camera.
  • Or else, you can keep it straight without doing anything because the wire around that area is not extremely visible.

Step 2: Start to run the cable wire up towards the car headliner.

This time, pull down the car headliner and push the wires into the are between your headline and the car ceiling. We all recommend that you work with the dashboard camera from the passenger’s side because any unexpecting falling of the wires may cause you a lot of trouble.

Step 3: Next, run the cable down the window

As you may carefully notice, you are able to push the wires into the weatherstripping to the bottom of the dashboard. This is an extremely easy to do and useful way to hide your long dash cam wires without taping a lot.

Note: Be careful in this step. Sometimes, you do not hide them all the way inside the trims, the wires may get cut over the times opening and closing the door. Hence, you should start examine your door frame whether the cable is securedly held and not affected when closing the door. If you do not care a lot about how exposed the wires are and it is hard to pass into the trim, you can run them alongside the windshield, and you can use the tape or wire clips as we have prepared.

Step 4: Work with the cable down in the dashboard area.

how to hide your dash cam wire 1

Once, it reaches the end of the door trim, the cable needs to be put out again down in the dashboard area and drop alongside. You can search for some kind of hook underneath the dashboard or simply place them underneath the floor mat. Once the wire stays firm beside the center console, set all the loose wires beside your seat or gently tie them altogether and plug the end into the power connector.

Note: You should remember all the time to keep the wire straight as much as possible to use the wire length better and not to bother your passengers too much.

This is a simple way to hide your wires. We hope you  will succeed in doing so inside your car!

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Jaime - July 14, 2016

Thank you for showing a step-by-step process of how to hide all the dash cam wires. I don’t like it when all those wires are hanging all over the place. Now that you have given a step-by-step guide I can go back and fix my sloppy work. Great job and well broken down.

    Alton - July 14, 2016

    Thanks for your comment! We understand how irritating it is to let dash cam wires hanging everywhere in our cars. That’s why we made this post to make our lives easier.


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