Top 5 Things to Be Mindful of When Using a Dash Cam

​Be aware of these when using your dash cam

Dashboard cameras are being installed in many popular cars nowadays. To record the journey as expected, you should note out these following points when using your best dash cam.


The power option for your dash cam

The camera must be powered by your car power outlet. To install your camera, you need to plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter below your dashboard. Or you can hard wire the dash cam but it requires higher technical skills. Most dash cams will be equipped with long wires to meet customers’ needs and convenience in a way to hide the wires inside your car.

how to hide your dash cam wire 2

How to hide your Falcon F360 Dash Cam in your car.

There are 2 types of batteries: external and internal battery. The power from the camera internal battery is enough to primarily review the itinerary recorded in between 30 minutes and an hour, but not enough to shoot a considerably long videos. Therefore, if the drivers use the internal battery to seriously record the whole journey, the camera will run out of power all of a sudden and you may miss the full recordings. Especially, if you use both front and rear dash cams, under no circumstance can you record for more than 30 minutes by only the internal battery.

Using the memory card on your dash cam

Memory card dash cam

To plug in or take out the memory card of the camera to get the data journey, you should turn off the power to ensure that the device works well, due to the fact that sometimes the camera will get lagged when inserting the memory card during its operating time.

The dashcam is quite “picky” in memory cards. Most cameras today use Micro SD or SD card. Quality memory card will also come with stability in video storing. A good quality memory card will also operate stably. If the unqualified memory card which still can be used in phones or other devices is inserted into the camera, it might lead to errors, thereby difficulties in extracting data or unability to view the videos.

Recording in the evening

transcend 220 dash cam- hdr

Transcend DP 220 dash cam videos at night time

At the night time, when your vehicle enters the area with street lights, or the city area, the camera would have a pretty good image quality. However, if the car goes on highway areas without street lights and you use only automobile headlights, some low quality cameras that even have Night Vision might capture the unclear image quality. Hence, you should be wise in buying the one with high image quality (the one with full HD quality for instance).

Video recording time on every dash cam

loop recording dash cam

The dashboard camera is also recording alongside with your driving journey, so that there is much recording time is less important than saving the most recent clips. Thus, each camera now supports with Loop Recording mode which are divided into 3 minutes, 5 minutes , or 10 minutes per clip. This mode is extremely necessary and scientific during the process of car moving. The division of recording will help you easily access and review the video data as desired.

These are the top 5 things you need to be aware of once you turn on your dashcam and try to make it the best dash cam in your car. If you have any other suggestion, don’t hesitate to sahre it with me.

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Linda - August 16, 2016

Can you get dash cameras for motorbikes or are they a separate type of camera?

George - August 16, 2016

Very interesting and simplistic.

    Alton - August 24, 2016

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, George!

Olivia - August 16, 2016

I’ve never even thought of the uses of a dash cam, but now I want one! I know most people use them overseas to document accidents. Does it only record outside or does it have a front and back facing camera? I feel like that’s a dumb question lol.

    Alton - August 24, 2016

    Thanks for your good question. And I appreciate your question since other people may have the same as yours. Usually, it is used to record what happens outside and around the car. However, you can still record inside when rotating the camera at any angle. Hope that you’ve found this useful!

Kenny Lee - August 16, 2016

Wow. I’ve never had a car with a dash cam. Dash cam or not, I think having a camera installed has become a necessity especially for lady drivers.

In cities, safety has become an issue especially when incidents of road rage, robberies and accidents happened at a frequent rate.

Just one question, is there an option to stream the recorded footage to a remote server?

Alanna - August 18, 2016

Very interesting article about dash cams! I like the fact that they can hang from your rear view mirror and they don’t look like they obstruct your view at all. I’m thinking this would work great if you are renting a car and want to capture a beautiful drive. Great information! Alanna

Mahedi Hasan - August 3, 2017

Excellent! Everyone should need to know the important fact before using a dash cam.
Thanks for sharing


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