Transcend DrivePro 220

Transcend DrivePro 220

Transcend DrivePro 220


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • A very compact and easy-to-set-up device
  • Wifi connected to the smart phones
  • Excellent video quality with adjustable settings to light and white balance
  • Safety features such as the Lane Departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System and Speed Alarm


  • Video only being saved as short clips
  • Problem with marking dates on the videos
  • The battery-draining motion sensing feature

transcend220_dashcamreview_boxDash Cam Reviews – Transcend DP220 is the high quality dash cam with the most trusted brand at a very good deal

The popularity of in-car video recording devices, also known as dash cams, is constantly rising. You need to spend only a few minutes on YouTube to see how these handy gadgets have captured some of the incredible moments, which under any worst circumstance can be useful in proving and protesting your innocence to the other party, or your insurance company.

This time, I would recomment Transcend DrivePro 220 as the perfect and the most reliable street observer for drivers like us. It comes with a lot of amazing functions and features. The DrivePro 220 is a very impressive dash camera offered at an affordable price with 1080p resolution video and clear night pictures.

A sleek design for a dash cam

The pictures cannot show exactly how this dashboard camera looks like in reality, but I would say that it reminds me of a high-end camera for its well-built material. It looks shiny and elegant for being an affordable dash cam. It looks much more upgraded and sleek than its previous Transcend 200. Also, it is a very compact size, so it will not block the view across the windscreen and can easily be mounted on the rear-view mirror in certain cars. You also have 2 choices of mounting the camera in your car: adhesive and suction.

The package includes the camera, the suction mount that allows to adjust multiple positions and a car power adapter. The dash cam is designed to have a 2.4 inch LCD screen with a weight of 3.2 ounces and the mount holder on top together with 4 basic buttons to navigate the menu settings. In front, there is a wide lens with a speaker and marked GPS and wifi. On the left hand side, there is a charging point or port while the other side are the port for Micro SD card and a button for emergency recording that can lock your files to make them not overwritten. And at the bottom of the camera is the microphone port.

transcend220_dashcamreview_left                   transcend220_dashcamreview_right

Awesome features

This feature allows the users to automatically adjust the camera to different light settings, whether it’s a day or night time. It can record the details of all the incidents, and capture license plates with a full High Definition imaging sensor at 1080P resolution. Besides, like AUSDOM AD282, its view angle can be up to 130 degree.

It also has built-in GPS Receiver. What is it is that it helps to log GPS coordinates, date and time to the recorded video footage. This information makes it easy for contacted emergency services to locate your car or notify the police or insurance companies. It can also be used on your computer with Transcend’s DrivePro Toolbox, where one can get an overview of the entire driving path using information of GPS coordinates, speed, date and time. Besides, in its menu settings, the navigation system includes GPS and Glonass.

A good supporter for your safety: why not?

transcend220_dashcamreview_designWhat makes me fall for this dash cam is its high support in warning and alert system for drivers like us on the street. First of all, there is a Lane Departure Warning System. This system monitors all the lane markings on the your journey and immediately shows an alert image on the screen with supporting sound whenever the vehicle deviates from its lane. Next possible thing you can do for this car camcorder is to enable its Forward Collision Warning System. It will do you a favor in keeping a safe distance from the front cars. If the vehicle gets too close to the one ahead of it, this forward collision warning system will show an instant alert on the display screen and a warning sound to prevent any undesired accidents. For those who have already owned Transcend 200, it is not well-equipped with any features for protection against accidents or driving guidance.

Another considerable function is its speed alarm. I sometimes get unfocused on the street and go a little bit over-speeding. And this dash cam would be my ultimate reminder. When the speed of the vehicle exceeds the pre-set speed limit, 60 miles per hour specifically, it will notify the driver with a warning sign and sound on the display screen. Like some of the other G-Sensor that I have reviewed, motion G Sensor or Motion sensor in Parking Mode also support in this dash cam. If there is any movement around your vehicle when parked, the camera will automatically turn on and record to safe-guard your vehicle with the latest motion-sensing technology.

A good back-up for power failure

There is a noticeable built-in battery with a 16GB microSD card. In case of a sudden power failure during an accident, the camera can record for up to 30 seconds to ensure the capture of crucial evidence. Moreover, the device can be manually set up to record for up to 30 minutes uninterrupted without power supply or when parked. Transcend DP200 only supports with 32GB memory card and error messages sometimes pop up when inserted into the camera. Now, you would be less worried if upgrading to DP220 as it supports with 64GB memory card with more stability while using.

Together with well-supporting apps

Another good point can be the available apps for both iPhone as well as Android to view the video recordings and its settings can be changed directly using a tablet or a smart phone. Last but not least, there is wifi support that can be connected directly to your smart phone, and even though the screen may be constantly off after minutes, you can still watch its recording via your phone.

Minor problems still happen

It does have some minus points, unfortunately. There is indeed an issue with the Forward Collision Warning System. When driving on the daylight, if there are a lot of shadows on the road, sometimes they will be mistaken as vehicles through the camera, so sometimes it will start beeping unexpectedly. However, this is just a minor point since the system is still working completely fine and it will only happen when you drive exceeding the set speed limit. Another bad feature is its short lasting built-in battery when unplugged into the car power and audio issues with distortions and low quality.



The camera comes with 2 year warranty and you need to contact directly to the manufacturer in the US for full service.


In sum, Transcend Drive-Pro 220 is indeed a good gadget for those who spend considerable amount of time on the road. The safety features will help prevent any possible accidents with the function of the video recording. A lot of these features are already installed in high-end cars, but for others this device could be a worthy investment. This dash cam is a fully featured video recording camera from a considerably good brand at an affordable price and a 2-year warranty! So, what’s not to like?

Transcend DrivePro 220

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Julius - July 25, 2016

I didn’t know Transcend actually makes some relatively high quality dash cams. Didn’t really trust the brand that much.

But I guess I should, thanks for the detailed review!

    Alton - July 27, 2016

    Thanks for your comment. I had that doubt when I first used it. It still needs some improvements but in general, a good dash cam to purchase!

Harald - March 22, 2017

I just bought a Transcend DrivePro 220 camera and installed the newest version 2.0.7 of the related ToolBox software for Windows.
But the software fails to display any driving path due to a well documented Google Maps API error (“MissingKeyMapError”).

Does anybody know, when this severe software bug will be fixed by Transcend ?

    Alton - March 24, 2017

    I think you have to login with google account to have permission to use their api.


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