VicoVation GPS Mouse and PowerPlus

​VicoVation External GPS Mouse and Power Plus are indeed the essential and useful accessories for your dash cams. 

dashcam power plus

After using VicoVation Opia2 and being satisfied with how it functions, many people have been wondering whether to purchase these two creative and handy inventions ​from VicoVation. I would like to have some of my just opinions on these two devices. 


External GPS Mouse- Extra functions for a safer trip?

vicovation opia2

Dash cams like THINKWARE F770 and Garmin 20 basically has built-in GPS or car video recorders like Transcend DrivePro 220 is supported with driver safety such as Lane departure Warning System, Forward Collision Warning System, Speed Alarm and so on. VicoVation Opia2, on the other hand, does not support these features itself. Actually, you need to get the external GPS Mouse to have hands-on experience with these features.

There are pros and cons for this external GPS Mouse. Let’s talk about what benefits of having the GPS Mouse are. First of all, the dash cam can steadily function and correctly respond to any activity ongoing as required once you choose the options offered with this accessory. For instance, once you turn on the Over Speed Warning System with the voice on, you can set the speed limit as you want given in the menu setting. So anytime you accelerate over the speed limit, it will constantly warn you to slow down to the safe speed. Keep in mind that it actually does not give you any direction to places. Secondly, it may be the perfect fit for those who do not actually need extra function. I have heard many people complaining that the safety options seem useless to them sometimes and they would prefer some dash cams that focus on better image quality and recording functions.

On the other hand, having an external device could be a nuisance for some other buyers when they just want to have everything equipped in one single camera and are not willing to install more equipment inside their car. Moreover, on the economical side, they may feel reluctant to spend more money on the device that they may not use all the time. Of course, these are just contradictory opinions among buyers. Depending on what needs and expectations they have on their dash cams, they would be willing to pay for this or not. Personally, this external GPS Mouse is actually a brilliant idea for careful drivers like me because it can enhance the driving safety with its keen warning systems when needed.

Vico-Power PLUS- the true super “+” for your dash cam!

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Vico-Power Plus is the smart car-battery that provides power to your dash cam when you switch off your car engine. I have to admit that it gives a handful of useful features during those times. The only hard time you will get when using this car battery is when you try to install it at the beginning; however, once it is done, you will be satisfied to have owned such a superior device like this. You don’t need to be much worried about this since it comes handy with the instruction guide that will give you step by step on how to install it. I would also show you in details in another post. Once you hardware the Vico-Power Plus to your car, you can start to enjoy the extraordinary features of your dash cam. First of all, it provides over temperature protection for your dash cam. It is very essential when the extremely hot days are coming. Sometimes, the temperature can reach up to 130OF and it could damage your dash cam’s operations. Now, with Vico-Power Plus, it is not an issue anymore because it ensures to cut off power when the temperature exceeds your pre-setup value. It also provides with the Low Voltage Protection, Timer Protection and supports the Smart Parking Mode, meaning continuously recording when you leave your car unattended. What’s more, you can also use Vico-Power Plus for other dash cams to get power supply while parked.

Considering all these benefits, personally, this would be a good deal for drivers who focus on the driving safety. ​You won't be disappointed about these extra devices. 

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