What to know when buying your first car

What to know when buying your first car

We have posted multiple articles about cars such as how to wash your car , how to fix your car, how to clean your car dashboard, I have realized the most important step is how to buy your first car without any trouble like overpricing, malfunctioning, etc.

After you learn how to drive and save up enough money, it’s time to spend on your ‘second lover’. Because it is the first time for you to buy a car, new drivers raise a lot of concerns about care and maintenance, or how to avoid accidents.

Here are our experiences and things to keep in mind when buying a car for the first time.

4 things to keep in mind when buying the car for the first time

1. Buy auto insurance

Often when buying a car, salespeople offer auto insurance packages. Surely, you have done a lot of research on this as unexpected things might take place on the road. So buying auto insurance is always a necessary thing for you. For those times of accidents, you can even equip yourself with the best front and rear dash cams to have supporting videos. Several outstanding and well-designed front and rear dash cams can be BlackSys CH100B, Rexing V1P, Blackvue DR 650GW-2CH. Surprisingly, as of technology advances, you now can even own a touch front dash cam like Falcon Zero Touch.

rexing v1p in your car

2. Get heat-insulating/ tinting films for vehicles:

With hot weather like in Texas, Florida, this is a must as well. The price depends on the type of film and brand. According to Tint Center, it will cost approximately $100-$400 depending on which kind of car it is.

3. Well equip your car with few things

- Reverse backup sensor, navigation system, or like I mentioned above, front and rear dash cams

- Car floor mat, tire pressure gauges and necessary equipment also must be equipped in your car

4. With older cars, we need to do more of cleaning and deodorizing the car interior.

The car is considered our "second lover" so they need to be equipped with sufficient skills, ‘prevention and treatment’.

Things to keep in mind for new drivers

We need to be familiar with the basic steps before starting the car engine such as adjusting the mirror, adjusting the seat, steering wheel, cruise system, etc. Choose fast entertainment system ... These are other few important things: drive slowly and firmly, watch the distance with the front car, look in the rear mirror while yielding and passing other cars, etc.

Another thing to be mindful of is how to fix your car along the way. When using your vehicles, problems with them are inevitable, so equipping skills will help you calm down and solve faster these problems such as broken car glass, dead battery, lost headlights, getting into the rain or bad weather. I have also shared tips on how to get through traffic on rainy days 

Above are things to keep in mind when buying a car for the first time. Hopefully this information will be useful to you, especially those new to the car.

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