What you need to know when using a dash cam

Tips for having your dash cam best function

Here are some of our tips for you to best position, power on your dash cams and have not trouble in saving your recorded videos.
A good design or trusted brand is just one little reason to possess a good quality or the best dash cam. More importantly, how to make it best function is as crucial.

The position of your cameras

suction mount- transcend 220 dash cam

Under certain circumstances, the dash cam should be in good position that can record everything ahead of your car, not easily fall off the car dashboard and not block your view either. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • They should be mounted as high as possible to give a better view of the road. It should also be mounted in the center of the screen, and in a way that it should avoid recording upward and exposed too much to the sky as its brightness will worsen off the quality.
  • However, it should be kept within the swath of your car windshield wipers so that the view won’t get blurry due to rain, ice, or snow. You should be mindful of the cleanliness of your windscreen and the emptiness of your dashboard as well to get the best footage. Everybody may think this is a must already since the camera always need to record through the windscreen but sometimes, we are too busy doing other things and forget how bad this may cause to the quality of your footage. And the unnecessary things you put on your dashboard will create reflections into your footage.
  • Some cameras can only be used with standard tripod mounts but a suction cup, then any kind of tripod mount will work.
  • Some dash cams can be mounted upside-down and be flipped again easily by any editing program in your camera. Remember to turn off your time stamp as it may appear upside-down. We made a different discussion on how to mount your dash cam and hide your wires effectively so that it can start off well with no dangling wires once your engine is ignited.

The time length for powering on the dash cams

Most dash cams will be turned on once plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter outlets and off once unplugged. Most of them will be set at default so that it is easy to set up and more user friendly. Some others will have a Power On/Off button to turn it on. However, you should keep your cameras on once you start your driving journey so that incidents can be caught even at the least expected time.
Some even support the recording in Parking Mode with Motion Detection like BlackVue DR650GW-2CH, or Transcend DrivePro 220. All you need to care is how durable your dash cam battery is to use it in Parking Mode once your car power is off.

Video saving

The memory space. Definitely you should use the memory card with the biggest space that your camera can support, if possible. Normally, a 32GB card can hold up to 7 hours of FullHD 1080p video.
The memory speed. Speed Class 10 memory cards would be the best choice for your dash cams as any slower cards can cause unwanted file errors, and it takes much longer time to copy the recorded video into other devices. they take forever to copy over to a computer. Most cameras come with 4GB cards that only give you a recording loop of less than an hour at 1080p resolution. That’s really all you need if you just want to capture an accident, but if you’d like a longer record loop, get a bigger card. A 32GB card holds between 4 and 7 hours of 1080p h264 video (depending on the recording bitrate).

Loop Recording-dash camLoop Recording: It is suggested that the longer recording loop your camera has, the better as you can review your videos that occurred hours ago. You obviously won’t lose the videos that only happened a while ago but have already been deleted.
Other saving cautions: Saving the video immediately can help you keep all the videos, especially those that will get overwritten by the end of your camera recording loop. One other way to save more videos is that you can purchase a couple more memory cards to swap out if needed.

The appropriate control temperature of your dash cameratemperature-dash cam

How well your dash cam can perform and how long it will last is mainly dependent on its operating temperature. As we all know, when we park our car under whatever weather is, the too high or too low inner temperature can damage your dash cam. Its recording will be blurred if exposed to the overly hot weather for too long. So, you should be well aware of the temperature inside your car. Of course, parking inside your garage can be the best option, or you can use some sun shade covers to help reduce the temperature.


How to view Dash Cam Recorded Videos in your computers and/or smart phones

Most dash cams we have recently reviewed support with micro SD cards. Some have the USB cable to directly connect your camera to you computer. This is so easy and simple as afterwards, you can do whatever you want with the recorded videos on your PC. Otherwise, there are card readers available in the market that can function as a USB to plug in your computer.
Most of the Android smart phones these days can read any micro-SD card so you just put it directly to your phone and use supported video player to view the video playbacks. It may be more troublesome for the iPhone, unfortunately; however, like BlackVue DR650, they have their own supporting apps that can help work on your iPhone and computers through Wifi connection.

Bottom line

These are only few main tips that we have experienced during the time using various dash cams. Of course, you may experience something different. Let us know so that we can find a solution for your problem and we know more about another side of those dash cams.

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Dan - July 11, 2016

Great tips, now I just need to figure out which one I want, what’s your number 1 recommendation? And if you don’t mind me asking how much has it dropped your insurance by? Many thanks.

    Alton - July 12, 2016

    Thanks for your questions! All good ones. For your first question, it depends. If you’re looking for a good camera with 2 channels ( in front and back), you can buy dash BlackVue DR650GW-2CH dash cam as resolution qualities for both are amazing. If you’re looking for the one with good built-in GPS, Garmin 20 dash cam is our preference. For the second question, it can’t tell how much axactly but surely, it helped us record some main evidence during our trip for any accidents that happened in front and win some cases.


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