Why you should clean your car dashboard?

Why you should clean your car dashboard?

It is much better to keep it clean, especially when you own the best front and rear dash cams that I have introduced here in my dash cam reviews. You will secure all the best quality footage from your camcorders.

I have introduced you how to wash your car to look shiny and sleek. It's time to show you how to clean your car dashboard. When it comes to effectively maintaining your car and keeping it clean, the dashboard is among the most important things to keep neat and tidy. I know when it comes to cleaning for some of us, it sounds really tedious. The question of, "why do I need to clean my car's dashboard?" tends to come up frequently among drivers like me. I can relate to all of you out there, I used to feel the same. But since you equip yourself with dash cams, it is always a great idea to keep it clean for clear footage. Even with the best front and back dash cams, I cannot guarantee it will be 100% clear if your dashboard is full of dust. Not only is it more attractive and presentable to have a clean car, it is also more sanitary and therefore can improve your health. The fact of the matter is that bacteria and viruses can easily build-up on a car's dirty dashboard, and so a dashboard cleaning is the core aspect of car maintenance. To benefit vehicle owners everywhere, this article will help the novice car owner learn to give their car's dashboard a full cleaning!

Required items for a full dashboard cleaning

First and foremost, it can save you time and effort if you get these cleaning tools as below. Although there are many different options for the essential items you will need when cleaning your car's dashboard, the basic necessities are easy to find and cheap to purchase. Here is a list of the essential items for cleaning a dashboard:

Microfiber cloth for initial dusting and wiping

microfiber cloth how to clean car dashboard

Automotive interior cleaner and additional microfiber cloth

cleaner dashcameraportal

Vent and dash brush for cleaning hard-to-reach areas

dash brush dashcameraportal

Finishing polish for shine and brand-new look

polish dashcameraportal

Step #1 - Remove dust from the dashboard

When you decide to clean your vehicle's dashboard for better hygiene, or for a specific task like mounting a dash cam, the first step is to remove any surface grime and dust. This will clear off the surface of the dashboard, and prepare it to be deep-cleaned and polished. The best way to do it is by slightly wetting a clean microfiber cloth and using it to scrub away the surface of dust and dirt.

Step #2 - Use an interior cleaner to deep-clean dashboard

The removal of dust and grime in the first step is quite important, but the real deep-cleaning comes in this second step. This will involve applying some high quality interior cleaner you like to a fresh microfiber cloth. After that, you will need to vigorously scrub the dashboard to remove every bit of remaining dust on the dashboard. This step will also involve using the interior cleaner to sanitize the center console and other surfaces.

Step #3 - Use a vent brush to clean the small areas

Although the deep scrubbing and cleaning in the first two steps will probably remove the majority of grime and dust from your dashboard, there is another step to ensure full cleaning. This third step in the dashboard cleaning process will require the use of a vent and dashboard brush. Talking how convenient it is, this kind of fine-bristled brush can even allow you to clean the A/C and heating vents, the radio and audio button setup, and any other small areas in the dashboard and console that can hide dirt.

Step #4 - Apply dashboard polish

The fourth and final step in the cleaning process involves the use of a high quality dashboard polish to achieve a shine and brand-new appearance. This step offers some flexibility as well, since we are now offered various handy polish options to choose from. These polish options range from a duller matte finish, all the way to a reflective and shiny polish type. Depending on your preferences and types of your vehicles, different types of interior polish can work better than others. One more notion here, variations in dashboard materials used by the many automotive manufacturers make it important to select the optimal interior polish product for your specific car.

car dashboard dashcameraportal

Special tips for you!

This step by step process for how to clean your dashboard can be so important, as it has not only helped me keep my car clean and sanitary but also supported my best front dash cam with its high quality recording. One of the most common underestimations is that some drivers seem not know how important dashboard sanitization can really be. This simple task can go a long way in terms of keeping you and your family safe from illness and infection, since neglected cleaning can turn into a haven for dangerous microbes. I truly hope you have enjoyed this guide, and you are encouraged to let me know your opinions and feedback in the comments! Thank you for following my article!

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